Monday, 17 October 2011

Savers in Mill Park.

It doesn't seem like six weeks since I had my hair done and went to Savers over in Mill Park, but it must be, because there I was today. Mondays are the best day because I get the 20% seniors discount.

Two as new arch file folders to replace the old grey ones I have magazine clippings in. 99 cents.

Stunning square pure Thai silk scarf - hand painted I think. $3.99

Four ties various prices. From the left: Diamond Silks Teddies design $7.99; Rene Chagel, silk,Penguins design $7.99; Vivace, Silk Chickens design $1.99; Pierre Cardin Polyester $2.99. I have given the makers name here, and the fabric, to see if anyone can make any sense of the widely differing prices!

Total $26.93 less discount came to $21.60


itsanaddiction said...

I can't make sense of the tie prices ;-) A group of us went op shopping to buy clothes to wear to a "rubix cube party" - the aim of the game is to start the night wearing multiple rubix cube colours, and throughout the course of the night, exchange clothes and end up wearing only one colour. Knowing we were going to be loosing whatever we bought, we chose the cheapest and ugliest goods.

The ties at this Salvos didn't have prices on them, but I picked one that was falling apart and particularly ugly. The lady at the counter seemed to be arbitrarily pricing - my friend's silk Pierre Cardin tie cost $3, and my ugly non silk, no tags, falling apart scarf was $7!! I was so shocked! Her explanation? 'It's a nice tie, I would have bought it for my son if you hadn't found it!'

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or the pricer!

Gina E. said...

Ha ha ha!! I never heard of a rubix cube party - what fun!!
I don't understand why Savers have to vary the prices of their ties. They get them all donated, so why not just price them all the same like other opshops?

fabriquefantastique said...

scarf looks good Gina, I
ll take it. Will to find your email, fearfully busy till next soon

valuespotters said...

We are really good with prices, but these scarf/tie prices are a bit confusing sometimes.