Wednesday, 26 October 2011

High Street Ashburton.

Those of you who know Lyndel from "Vintage Retro and Simply Cute Shopping" may be wondering where she has been lately. I met her for coffee today and she told me she is in line for a new computer, as her old one can't handle lengthy downloads anymore, so reading and writing blogs is out of the question. I'm going to offer the use of my computer for her to use while she is waiting for a new one, so don't give up on her blog just yet!

I was in Lyndel's territory today, and visited three of the opshops over there. I didn't find anything at the Salvos, but at the Community shop I found this little elephant for $7. Ken has a slightly bigger version on our mantelpiece; it was his grandfather's. I put this little one beside Ken's, and when he came home I said "Look! Your black elephant has had a baby!"

Across the road at Vinnies, I found these goodies:
A set of four hand embroidered napkins for $4. I was excited to find these, because I have a card table cloth which matches them perfectly!

This is a tapestry or embroidery frame - $2.50.. I've got a bigger one which I rarely use because it is awkward to hold for any length of time.

Hand embroidered supper cloth - beautifully stitched, for $6.50.

And coincidentally going along with the elephant theme, I found this stunning Thai Silk scarf for $3...


Kylie said... happy to hear news of Lyndel, I've been wondering where she was and if she is ok. I'm looking forward to her return when she gets a new computer. Big kiss Lyndel, if you can read this x

secondhandrose said...

Was wondering if Lyndel did the North Melbourne Market this month. Have been meaning to pop along and say hi. I want to start a market stall of all my op shop finds but am totally unorganised!
Hopefully Lyndel will be blogging again soon.