Monday, 26 August 2013

pay what you think it's worth!

The RSPCA's Burwood Op Shop is holding a special promotion this Friday 30 August at our Burwood Op Shop to celebrate National Op Shop week. From 12-2pm customers can ‘pay what they think it’s worth’ on any item in store. That means they get to choose the price they pay within that 2-hour window!

The RSPCA also has a higher-end second hand shop called Creature Comforts right next to the Burwood Op Shop. The two shops are located in the Burwood Heights Shopping Centre on Burwood Highway.

national op shop week!

Who knew? More info here.

Last Friday at the Brotherhood Shop in Eltham.

Last week at the shop, everywhere I turned there seemed to be something of interest! I bought this jigsaw puzzle for $1 for friends of ours who have done the "Route 66" tour in the USA.  I phoned them to ask if they like jigsaws first though, and F said "Oh yes, now and then", but when I told him about this one he said it would be great to have!

This Pyrex saucepan was $3.   My smallest saucepan is a "Le Creuset" (sp?) which was a wedding gift more than 30 years ago, and the inside of it has discoloured.  I wasn't concerned about it until somebody told me recently that once the coating has worn away, it is dangerous to use those pans, so I've replaced it with this one.  I love cooking in glass saucepans, because I like to see what is going on without having to go to the stove and lift the lid on the pan.

My kitchen scales are also rather old, so when I saw these on the shelf for $4 I snapped them up.

Picked this up and browsed through it during a quiet moment at the till, and giggled so much I decided it was worth taking home for 60 cents.

This pretty necklace had a matching bracelet and was $2.50 for the pair.  I put them on at the shop, but when I got home, I discovered the bracelet had fallen off and I couldn't find it....Oh well, the necklace was still worth $2.50 to me.

BH &G magazine for 20 cents with some good recipes and a craft section on using tea towels to make cushions and other things - I'll get some use out of this.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hello again! So after not opshopping for ages, and then posting on here the other day, it kind of sparked my interest in opshopping again. Believe it or not, I am still being quite selective when opshopping, and put back a lot of things I was carrying around before I went to the counter!! haha! 

These furry fellows were from St.John's oppie in Brunswick. The Lion was $1 and the frog 50c. The book was in the free box outside. The op shop is the best place to get teaching resources! 

I went to the Christ Church oppie on Glenlyon Rd yesterday and found these clogs for $3...

....this knit shirt/dress for $2, grey skirt for $1......
 ....... and shirt for my husband, Made in Australia and still with the tags for only $4.
The skirt was from St. John's as well and was on the 50c rack, I really loved the colours and close up it has a fine chevron pattern in it. Needs a little bit of alteration, so hopefully I'll get around to it before summer!! 

And last but not least, this large 'woodland brown' pattern pyrex bowl was from Savers. $7.99 (seriously, why don't they just price their items as whole dollar amounts!) These came in sets of 4 I think, and I have the 3 smaller bowls in the butterfly gold pattern. I was hoping to find one of the large bowls in the same pattern as I already had, but figured that this one will do. Brown and orange is a nice combo! (I think anyway!!) ;o)

Saturday, 17 August 2013

More from Tyabb Road

 This is a follow up of my previous post.  

I have started my Christmas shopping with a couple of lovely coffee mugs.

 I particularly love the second one so it might be a gift to myself.

The curling wand will be well used.

This gorgeous sparkly heart is like a disco ball only heart shaped.  It is about 20cm across and will go to the little twinnies next door.

These elephants will hang in my eldest daughter's home.  According to her you cannot have too many elephants.  These ones have little bells and beads and can hang in a doorway or near a window for the best effect.

And finally some books for the man of the house.  What I really love about buying books from the oppy is that they can go straight back again when we have finished with them.

He is particularly enjoying Agent ZigZag. A true story about espionage.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thursday at Tyabb Road

 I have had a very successful day op shopping today.  
These are just a few of things I picked up.

A few things for the downstairs kitchen- $2 a piece from Vinnies.

 These red place mats are made of flat beads and are perfect for outside.  Also from Vinnies and only $2 each.
 The playstation is from the Salvos and is for my middle grandson.  It was $24 and I have no idea if it was a good price or not. 

The chenille cushion was $4 and brightens up the outdoors.  Will have to bring it in when it rains.
I was thrilled with this chair on a cane base.  I am not sure what you call these but it is very comfy.  The cover is cream but obviously the previous owners had cats so I threw this sarong over it.  Chair from Vinnies $35 and sarong I bought from the Salvos a while ago for $4.00.

I could show you more but I will save the pics for another time.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

BSL Eltham.

One of our blog readers came into our opshop today and said although she doesn't post on the blog, she likes to read it, and asked if I was Gina. Yep!  What a buzz - hello again if you are reading this post!
Here is what I bought today:
Six of these were donated to the shop today, and J. came out to ask me if I knew what they were for.  She said the donor told her they are bag handles, and J asked me if I made patchwork bags and could use them, but I said no I don't.  But I know a use for them and that is to carry plastic supermarket bags - you loop the plastic around each end of this and it saves the plastic cutting into your hands.  Well, that's one use, can anyone reading this come up with something else?

I LOVE notebooks and have heaps of them, so when I found this one on the shelf for $1, it had to come home with me.

I keep saying I'm not going to buy any more ties, then I find something really unusual like this - 70 cents.

Millers knit fabric vest $2.  It is actually darker than the photo - more a latte colour.

Stack of bike magazines for the MOTH - 20 cents each.  When I got home I said "I bought something at the opshop for you" and his face reflected his thoughts (Oh, no - what now).  But when I presented these, he cheered up!

Cook book, 20 cents. My co-worker J pounced on it when she saw me looking through it, but I said no, it's MINE!  I promised to cook something from it and bring it in next Friday for morning tea.  

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


 It has been such a long time since I've posted on here!! Life has been very busy for me over the last few months, and opshopping trips have been infrequent ...... but not nonexistent!! Most of these are from op shops that I haven't been to before and just snuck into for a quick look when I've been out and about. Here are a few purchases I've made here and there.

Firstly, my cinderella 'they fit perfectly!!' find, these mint condition Tod's leather loafers. They usually retail between $400-$500, but for me, $11.99! Score! 

This beautiful painting on board was from an op shop in Bendigo. It was done in 1944. It's about A4 size and was $2. 

A Vaculator coffee pot for my husband. It's missing the big glass ball thing that goes on top though but the logo was awesome! It was 1/2 price so I got it for $2. This oppie was great! It was in Ringwood in a little strip of shops I think on Bedford Rd?? I also got a 2 burner electric hotplate for a friend for $5 (reduced from $10) She was telling me just the day before that she needed to get one. I love it when the op shop gods are so kind! 

Also at their 1/2 price sale I picked up this divided pyrex dish for $1.50. The pie dish was from somewhere in Brunswick a little while ago, I can;t remember which one but it was only $1 or 2. 

Some plain black skirts to wear over tights in winter. The fabric is nice and thick in both of these. The shorter one was new with tags, bardot brand, form Vinnies in Eaglehawk and the other one was from one in Bendigo, I think it was called View Hill. 

I've been a little more selective though with my opshopping and had a major clean out of our house! It's funny, for someone that loves stuff so much, I really like to have a uncluttered house. I'm really trying now to limit my purchases to things that I'll use/wear straight away, and only the occasional 'just have to have' pieces. :) It's hard because I love opshopping, but I'm getting better at saying no! haha! for now anyway ;) 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Life is so busy - or I am so much slower than I used to be.  I thought you would like to see what I do with some of the doileys I buy when I am op shopping.  Sometimes I dye them if they are badly stained or if the fabric is damaged I embroider or do some beading - adding old buttons and embellishments.