Saturday, 10 August 2013

BSL Eltham.

One of our blog readers came into our opshop today and said although she doesn't post on the blog, she likes to read it, and asked if I was Gina. Yep!  What a buzz - hello again if you are reading this post!
Here is what I bought today:
Six of these were donated to the shop today, and J. came out to ask me if I knew what they were for.  She said the donor told her they are bag handles, and J asked me if I made patchwork bags and could use them, but I said no I don't.  But I know a use for them and that is to carry plastic supermarket bags - you loop the plastic around each end of this and it saves the plastic cutting into your hands.  Well, that's one use, can anyone reading this come up with something else?

I LOVE notebooks and have heaps of them, so when I found this one on the shelf for $1, it had to come home with me.

I keep saying I'm not going to buy any more ties, then I find something really unusual like this - 70 cents.

Millers knit fabric vest $2.  It is actually darker than the photo - more a latte colour.

Stack of bike magazines for the MOTH - 20 cents each.  When I got home I said "I bought something at the opshop for you" and his face reflected his thoughts (Oh, no - what now).  But when I presented these, he cheered up!

Cook book, 20 cents. My co-worker J pounced on it when she saw me looking through it, but I said no, it's MINE!  I promised to cook something from it and bring it in next Friday for morning tea.  


fabriquefantastique said...

think the tie is my makes me smile

DIAN said...

How lovely to meet another blog follower. As usual you have found some treasures.

Anonymous said...

The little 'squares and slices' looks enticing and yummy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gina for saying hi to me.I like the cook book and if i had seen it i too would have bought it.Keep up the blogging i enjoy the read.