Tuesday, 6 August 2013


 It has been such a long time since I've posted on here!! Life has been very busy for me over the last few months, and opshopping trips have been infrequent ...... but not nonexistent!! Most of these are from op shops that I haven't been to before and just snuck into for a quick look when I've been out and about. Here are a few purchases I've made here and there.

Firstly, my cinderella 'they fit perfectly!!' find, these mint condition Tod's leather loafers. They usually retail between $400-$500, but for me, $11.99! Score! 

This beautiful painting on board was from an op shop in Bendigo. It was done in 1944. It's about A4 size and was $2. 

A Vaculator coffee pot for my husband. It's missing the big glass ball thing that goes on top though but the logo was awesome! It was 1/2 price so I got it for $2. This oppie was great! It was in Ringwood in a little strip of shops I think on Bedford Rd?? I also got a 2 burner electric hotplate for a friend for $5 (reduced from $10) She was telling me just the day before that she needed to get one. I love it when the op shop gods are so kind! 

Also at their 1/2 price sale I picked up this divided pyrex dish for $1.50. The pie dish was from somewhere in Brunswick a little while ago, I can;t remember which one but it was only $1 or 2. 

Some plain black skirts to wear over tights in winter. The fabric is nice and thick in both of these. The shorter one was new with tags, bardot brand, form Vinnies in Eaglehawk and the other one was from one in Bendigo, I think it was called View Hill. 

I've been a little more selective though with my opshopping and had a major clean out of our house! It's funny, for someone that loves stuff so much, I really like to have a uncluttered house. I'm really trying now to limit my purchases to things that I'll use/wear straight away, and only the occasional 'just have to have' pieces. :) It's hard because I love opshopping, but I'm getting better at saying no! haha! for now anyway ;) 


Anonymous said...

The oil painting looks amazing and at $2 what a find!!

Gina E. said...

Oh I know what you mean MT, about trying to be more selective when opshopping. I was in the Salvos in East Malvern today and they were very busy, but although it is a large shop and has some great stuff, I just couldn't find anything that 'grabbed' me, so I walked out with NIL. Most unusual for me!

DIAN said...

I think we all need to be careful but I must say I do love op shopping and find it hard to leave empty handed. I love the shoes and the skirts. Great buys.

Anonymous said...

Love all these finds! Well done. I try to do the same... give to the opshop as much as I buy!

Charlene Barker said...

Yep View Hill Bargain Shop is the one. If your ever visiting again pop in and say hi!