Saturday, 17 August 2013

More from Tyabb Road

 This is a follow up of my previous post.  

I have started my Christmas shopping with a couple of lovely coffee mugs.

 I particularly love the second one so it might be a gift to myself.

The curling wand will be well used.

This gorgeous sparkly heart is like a disco ball only heart shaped.  It is about 20cm across and will go to the little twinnies next door.

These elephants will hang in my eldest daughter's home.  According to her you cannot have too many elephants.  These ones have little bells and beads and can hang in a doorway or near a window for the best effect.

And finally some books for the man of the house.  What I really love about buying books from the oppy is that they can go straight back again when we have finished with them.

He is particularly enjoying Agent ZigZag. A true story about espionage.


mothertheresa said...

Yeah, I like that second mug too! You should definitely keep that one!! :)

Anonymous said...

Curls are definitely coming back!