Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thursday at Tyabb Road

 I have had a very successful day op shopping today.  
These are just a few of things I picked up.

A few things for the downstairs kitchen- $2 a piece from Vinnies.

 These red place mats are made of flat beads and are perfect for outside.  Also from Vinnies and only $2 each.
 The playstation is from the Salvos and is for my middle grandson.  It was $24 and I have no idea if it was a good price or not. 

The chenille cushion was $4 and brightens up the outdoors.  Will have to bring it in when it rains.
I was thrilled with this chair on a cane base.  I am not sure what you call these but it is very comfy.  The cover is cream but obviously the previous owners had cats so I threw this sarong over it.  Chair from Vinnies $35 and sarong I bought from the Salvos a while ago for $4.00.

I could show you more but I will save the pics for another time.


Ren said...

Thanks for posting your finds Dian, it's been quiet here. I think those round cane chairs are called papas an chairs.

Ren said...


mothertheresa said...

I love that chair! Good idea using the sarong :)

Anonymous said...

I love your yellow collection! Great grouping ;)