Monday, 26 August 2013

Last Friday at the Brotherhood Shop in Eltham.

Last week at the shop, everywhere I turned there seemed to be something of interest! I bought this jigsaw puzzle for $1 for friends of ours who have done the "Route 66" tour in the USA.  I phoned them to ask if they like jigsaws first though, and F said "Oh yes, now and then", but when I told him about this one he said it would be great to have!

This Pyrex saucepan was $3.   My smallest saucepan is a "Le Creuset" (sp?) which was a wedding gift more than 30 years ago, and the inside of it has discoloured.  I wasn't concerned about it until somebody told me recently that once the coating has worn away, it is dangerous to use those pans, so I've replaced it with this one.  I love cooking in glass saucepans, because I like to see what is going on without having to go to the stove and lift the lid on the pan.

My kitchen scales are also rather old, so when I saw these on the shelf for $4 I snapped them up.

Picked this up and browsed through it during a quiet moment at the till, and giggled so much I decided it was worth taking home for 60 cents.

This pretty necklace had a matching bracelet and was $2.50 for the pair.  I put them on at the shop, but when I got home, I discovered the bracelet had fallen off and I couldn't find it....Oh well, the necklace was still worth $2.50 to me.

BH &G magazine for 20 cents with some good recipes and a craft section on using tea towels to make cushions and other things - I'll get some use out of this.

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