Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hunting and gathering to build a store

The hard work has been completed and Hunter Gatherer finally opens at Knox Shopping Centre.

With the constant revival of old fashion and what’s old is new again; op shopping has never been so in vogue. Local fans of ‘upcycling’ will be excited to hear the renowned Hunter Gatherer recycled retailer has finally arrived at Knox Shopping Centre, where customers can shop for sassy recycled finds at bargain prices.

Every item in the store is handpicked from the hundreds of thousands of items donated to the
Brotherhood of St Laurence stores across Victoria. From purse friendly pants to blouses, handbags, skirts, coats, hats and shoes, upcycling stores have fabulous !nds for the fashion forward shopper as well as everyday wardrobe staples for the whole family.

Shoppers can purchase a garment knowing that their friends won’t be wearing exactly the same item at their next social occasion!

Customer purchases also contribute much needed funds to the Brotherhood of St Laurence to deliver its many programs and services, which prevent and alleviate poverty in Australia and help disadvantaged and marginalised people.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Summer in the Hamptons

Well, that's what my friends and I like to say. Makes "Hampton" sound a lot fancier, doesn't it?
I got these KG (Kurt Geiger's cheaper line, I think?) patent leather heels for $9 at the Salvos in Hampton on the way to the beach during the holidays - I love how the colour fades to being transparent halfway down the heel.

You can see me wearing them (along with a skirt I made from a sheet from Savers) here.

Also got a zip, but for $1 it was hardly a bargain as zips are not much more when you buy them at Clegs! Still, not bad for my first trip to the Hamptons Salvos (also went to Vinnies and the op shop opposite the Salvos, it's handy that there are 3 op shops all in the one spot on Hampton Street!).

Lions Trash and Treasure Sale

After a big clean-out at the end of last year, about 90 per cent of the stock for this sale will be new.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, 4 February

Time: 8 am to 1 pm

Usual place: 1st Vermont Scout Hall, Canterbury Road Vermont, near the corner of Mitcham Road

Saturday, 28 January 2012

This week at the BSL.

Friday came around too quickly this week. I was so tired, after a busy day entertaining a dozen friends on Australia Day, but once I was in the shop, I forgot my fatigue, and got straight into checking out the new stock (when I wasn't looking after the customers).
I love anything that can be added to a bath - oils, bubbles, fizz bombs, etc. so when these fizz bombs turn up at the shop, they go into my stack of goodies to buy at the end of my stint. The single green bomb was 50c, the pack of three was $2.

As if I need any more shoes...talk about Imelda Marcos! But these suede shoes were soooooo comfortable, I left them on my feet for an hour after initially trying them on. $5.
These Australia Day hats were given away last year with one of the newspapers, but as I don't buy any papers, I didn't know about them. So when I discovered this for 50c, I grabbed it!
Nice piece of patchwork fabric for $3. I also bought a length of calico for $8 (no photo) and measured it when I got home - 6 yards of 56" width!
I don't know what the MOTH will make of this strappy little number; I've never owned anything like it before. But I love the colours, and when I tried it on, it was so cool and comfortable, it will be perfect to wear around the house and yard on a hot day. $5.
Another long skirt - I love them on a warm day too. $5.50.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Back at work!

The Brotherhood Opshop re-opened for business last Monday, after a three week break, and it was bedlam. People poured in with donated goods, and equal numbers poured in to buy up the new goodies. I came home with this booty yesterday after working on the till for five hours straight.

Box of three fizzy bath bombs - 30 cents.  Gorgeous bracelet, $5.
A really neat book about buttons! Not sure of the price, as it had just come in, and the manager included it in the overall price for all my goodies, for which I get a discount being a volunteer there.
Summer cotton nightie $3 (to replace some of my old ones which will go into the rag bag, not back to the opshop!)
Blouse for $1.  We have a $1 rack outside the shop which holds all the things that have been in the shop for more than a month and not sold at a dearer price.  Once they've been on the $1 rack for a month, they go into the rag bag.  I'll never wear this shirt - it's way too small anyway, but I just LOVE the fabric - great for patchwork!

Ken Done print scarf, 50 cents.  All our scarves are 50 cents.  This looks like a Done print, but I'm not 100% sure, as it doesn't have his name on, and his products usually do.
Somebody must be throwing out their Kimmidoll Collection.  Again, they had just been brought in, and the manager didn't say what she priced them at for me.  The bigger one is a money box and the tiny one is just darned cute!
The other three "Matroyshka (??)" dolls (I can never remember the correct word!) were also unpriced.
I love this magazine, but never buy it in the shops for the full price.  Not that it is expensive, but I stopped buying cooking magazines on a monthly basis because I ended up with too many.  But when I saw all these in our magazine pile I grabbed them.  Most of them will probably end up back at the BSL, but at least I will have had the opportunity to read them.

South Yarra Salvos

Took a stroll along Chapel Street South Yarra last night and came across the new Salvo's, up the Windsor end. They've done a lot of work in fitting out the store and hand-picking the stock- this is a 'vintage clothing store' more than a traditional opshop. The prices are higher than at a normal oppy but less than what you'd pay at a non-charity vintage clothing store. There is a bit of furniture, bric-a-brac, homewares and a good selection of books. They also seem to receive a bit of product-overrun- I saw a large selection of decorator candles and a few beauty products.

Thought people might like to see some pictures so I quickly snapped some with the iPhone.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Cats, Dogs and Angry Birds

The kids and I ventured to Richmond last week to visit the Salvos in Victoria Street. Needless to say, the kids loved this huge shed of an op shop (and I did too). Half of the store was taken up with furniture, with the remainder full of books, CDs, clothes, shoes, toys, kitchenware and wedding dresses!

And there were also cats, dogs and angry birds....

Here is Miss Seven's purchase - a new Fur Real talking, moving cat...


Master Five chose an Angry Bird game, also still new in its box...

And I found these great ornaments...



as well as heaps of other fabulous finds that will probably end up in my eBay store.

And did I mention that Miss Three chose a wine glass as her purchase of choice? I'm not sure about this one. A teddy bear might have been a better option, especially as the wine glass had broken within 24 hours of purchase (hence no photo).

Martha's Top Tips

1. Look out for items with a red pen through the price - these are 50% off.
2. If you go on a hot day, take your own fan - there is no air conditioning and it gets very hot.
3. Take your own carry bag - the Salvos no longer give out shopping bags to customers.

Salvos, 42 Victoria Street, Richmond (right near the train station)

Monday, 16 January 2012

First splurge for this year!

I was in Mill Park today and couldn't help myself - had to stop off at Savers. I haven't been there for a couple of months, but I made up for it today!

I broke our coffee plunger while I was washing it last night, so the first thing I looked for at Savers was a replacement. There were a dozen different styles and sizes, but I liked this one for $2.99

Seeing I had a whole day to myself, I spent an hour checking out the shoes and came home with four pairs.
Top row - black shoes (Rivers - very comfortable) $9.99, black sandals $9.99,
bottom row - denim scuffs $6.99, tan leather sandals $7.99
If you are thinking they were expensive, let me tell you that my feet are swollen with arthritis, and I can go to six shoe shops and not find anything that fits me.  So I'm happy to pay Savers for shoes that do fit!
Four plates and matching bowls 99 cents each.  These are to be used when we eat outside on the patio which is brick paved.  As much as I don't want to see them dropped and smashed, for 99 cents it is better to risk these than my 'good' kitchen set.
A couple of interesting books.  The Art book ($3.99), is full of useful tips.  The other book ($5.99)is a school text book of some kind, but it has some fascinating photos and documents in it relating to the English colonising Australia and the USA.

These cute lady bugs are hand worked in cross stitch - a bargain at $1.99.
The total was about $56, but being Monday, I qualified for 20% seniors discount, so got the lot for $46.40.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Op Shop Ball

I hope that this is not considered too "off topic".

Found that perfect ball gown at an op shop - now looking for somewhere to wear it?  How about to the Variety Op Shop Ball on March 31 at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne- all proceeds to charity. Details at the Variety website

Friday, 13 January 2012

Australian tea towels

A few weeks ago I took at day trip to Ballarat, 
which has 10 op shops! 
A few were still closed for the holidays 
but I managed to get to 5 of them. 

I found these lovely linen Australian tea towels 
that had never been used. 

And this wicker plant stand which I was going to paint white 
but the natural look has grown on me.

Cheers, laura

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Manchester Sale at Salvos Dandenong South Today and Tomorrow

For anyone in the Dandenong South area today or tomorrow, the Salvos in Lonsdale Street is having a half price sale on all its manchester. Happy shopping!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Knox BSL

... is open again after having a facelift! I went just before Christmas and found yet another craft book for $2 (generic 70s craft, so have not bothered with a picture) and this Japanese silk scarf, also $2.

It is printed with old-style acrobats and performers:

Check out the musician sitting under the parasol... those super-long trousers were a fashion a few hundred years ago in Japan.

And as if tightrope walking were not tricky enough... this performer is doing it while wearing geta (wooden platform sandals)!

I hope this year is a great one for you and you find some fabulous things! I have another post coming up soon, but look forward to seeing your discoveries first!