Saturday, 28 January 2012

This week at the BSL.

Friday came around too quickly this week. I was so tired, after a busy day entertaining a dozen friends on Australia Day, but once I was in the shop, I forgot my fatigue, and got straight into checking out the new stock (when I wasn't looking after the customers).
I love anything that can be added to a bath - oils, bubbles, fizz bombs, etc. so when these fizz bombs turn up at the shop, they go into my stack of goodies to buy at the end of my stint. The single green bomb was 50c, the pack of three was $2.

As if I need any more about Imelda Marcos! But these suede shoes were soooooo comfortable, I left them on my feet for an hour after initially trying them on. $5.
These Australia Day hats were given away last year with one of the newspapers, but as I don't buy any papers, I didn't know about them. So when I discovered this for 50c, I grabbed it!
Nice piece of patchwork fabric for $3. I also bought a length of calico for $8 (no photo) and measured it when I got home - 6 yards of 56" width!
I don't know what the MOTH will make of this strappy little number; I've never owned anything like it before. But I love the colours, and when I tried it on, it was so cool and comfortable, it will be perfect to wear around the house and yard on a hot day. $5.
Another long skirt - I love them on a warm day too. $5.50.

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