Sunday, 29 January 2012

Summer in the Hamptons

Well, that's what my friends and I like to say. Makes "Hampton" sound a lot fancier, doesn't it?
I got these KG (Kurt Geiger's cheaper line, I think?) patent leather heels for $9 at the Salvos in Hampton on the way to the beach during the holidays - I love how the colour fades to being transparent halfway down the heel.

You can see me wearing them (along with a skirt I made from a sheet from Savers) here.

Also got a zip, but for $1 it was hardly a bargain as zips are not much more when you buy them at Clegs! Still, not bad for my first trip to the Hamptons Salvos (also went to Vinnies and the op shop opposite the Salvos, it's handy that there are 3 op shops all in the one spot on Hampton Street!).


Michelle's Style File said...

Great find! I love the heel.


Cecylia said...

Yes I did see them- LOVE the clear perspex heel!!! Did you have a serious face too when you saw them? :P