Saturday, 21 January 2012

Back at work!

The Brotherhood Opshop re-opened for business last Monday, after a three week break, and it was bedlam. People poured in with donated goods, and equal numbers poured in to buy up the new goodies. I came home with this booty yesterday after working on the till for five hours straight.

Box of three fizzy bath bombs - 30 cents.  Gorgeous bracelet, $5.
A really neat book about buttons! Not sure of the price, as it had just come in, and the manager included it in the overall price for all my goodies, for which I get a discount being a volunteer there.
Summer cotton nightie $3 (to replace some of my old ones which will go into the rag bag, not back to the opshop!)
Blouse for $1.  We have a $1 rack outside the shop which holds all the things that have been in the shop for more than a month and not sold at a dearer price.  Once they've been on the $1 rack for a month, they go into the rag bag.  I'll never wear this shirt - it's way too small anyway, but I just LOVE the fabric - great for patchwork!

Ken Done print scarf, 50 cents.  All our scarves are 50 cents.  This looks like a Done print, but I'm not 100% sure, as it doesn't have his name on, and his products usually do.
Somebody must be throwing out their Kimmidoll Collection.  Again, they had just been brought in, and the manager didn't say what she priced them at for me.  The bigger one is a money box and the tiny one is just darned cute!
The other three "Matroyshka (??)" dolls (I can never remember the correct word!) were also unpriced.
I love this magazine, but never buy it in the shops for the full price.  Not that it is expensive, but I stopped buying cooking magazines on a monthly basis because I ended up with too many.  But when I saw all these in our magazine pile I grabbed them.  Most of them will probably end up back at the BSL, but at least I will have had the opportunity to read them.

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Clothes Martha Loves said...

Thank you for your post. My daughter would have loved the Kimmi Doll collection!