Sunday, 31 July 2011

MARYSVILLE Op Shop open again for business !

Yesterday, hubby and I took our new car for a drive.  Neither of us had ever been to Marysville before, and I see so much on the news about how the town is trying to get back to 'normal' after the devastation that was the Bushfires.  It is quite strange to drive out of the hills, all green and lush again, into a little town where every house, every shop is either brand new, or a shipping container/ portable building.  Made my heart ache.

However, we had a lovely lunch at the Bakery and a stroll down the main street, and there it was ..  ..  .. a banner exclaiming OP SHOP OPEN. . .  Took a peek inside and there were dozens of ladies and kids unpacking and setting up a lovely new shop.  It is due to open officially next week, but they tried out the new banner and straight away people were popping in.  I felt a bit intrusive, all these volunteers trying to set up and all us 'customers' looking at stuff.   oh, and they didn't have any money in the till so you had to have correct change if you wanted to shop.
I purchased three lovely tea towels.  a plaint white with red edging IRISH LINEN GLASS CLOTH - they are my favourites for drying dishes. A pretty 1970s flower power linen one, and a very sweet  Homely Measures one, which has lists of how much for example a breakfast cup of Currants, flour, oatmeal or chopped suet weighs.. very handy!!
So if you are travelling to Marysville, the town is functioning again, the shops are open, even their famous Old Lolly Shop is set up in a shipping container, [builders start on their new premises in August], and the locals just love to see tourists.  Lots there on Saturday, travelling thru to the Snow.

Work It Out

Hey guys, sorry its been a while. I actually had my purse stolen the other week. From an oppy. The Lions Club store in Mitcham! I knew op shopping would be the end of me! Anyway, I picked up a set of five mugs. I loved the simplistic design and colours, and they were all only 50c each. I think there may have originally been six, as there are two of one design and three of the other, but they were really too cute not to have! I found them at the Ringwood Vinnies store. I do have a bit of an obsession with mugs, and I'm so glad to have these in my collection.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Ashburton Op Shop MONTHLY GARAGE SALE 5 August

The Ashburton Op shop, on the corner of Welfare Parade/High St are having their monthly MEN'S GARAGE SALE this coming Friday (August 5).  This will now be a regular monthly event, thanks to a dedicated band of Men who have volunteered.
So, what will they be selling?  small furniture, tools, small electricals (all Tested & Tagged),  sporting goods, garden tools, ... all the stuff that does not fit inside the shop usually

Starts 10am to 1pm first Friday every month, set up will be in the front of the shop/ community area.

All funds raised go to the support of the elderly in the area via the ASHBURTON SUPPORT SERVICES. / Meals on Wheels etc....

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Opshopping with Lyndel!

Lyndel and I have been planning to meet up for ages, and we finally got together today. She drove over to Eltham to meet me at our local Brotherhood opshop, and from there I took her to Diamond Creek, as she hadn't been there previously. Lyndel was much more cautious than me when it came to emptying my wallet! We had a really fun day, with two stops for coffee and cake to keep us going.
Here is what I bought today. Instead of photographing everything separately (it would take forever to upload) I've just taken one photo of everything I found at each shop.
At the BSL in Eltham I only bought one item - an apron for $3.50, which is going to a friend who is of Italian descent, and loves aprons as much as me.

Our first stop in Diamond Creek was the Salvos. I scored heaps of goodies here for a total of $20.50! Fabrics - gingham, Batik, iron-on interfacing, batting, bundle of laces, two ties, tatted doiley. And a box of oil paints, a book, and a set of placemats with beautiful Lesley Ivory cat paintings.

Next stop a few doors away was the Austin Hospital opshop. I haven't been here for a while, but made up for it today! Two lots of fabric, two craft magazines, a lovely quilted block, a huge heap of lace and braid, a metal bellpull hanger (thanks Lyndel, whose sharp eyes found this!), and a soup bowl that matches the rooster set I bought at Savers early this week. This was a bonus - that set only had three bowls, so now I've got the four. The whole lot for $15!

Finally we stopped at an 'independent' opshop (not one of the big charities) called Aunty Bee. I found two more pieces of fabric including a lovely tartan, more lace, two scarves (a paisley design, and a souvenir of London), and a cross stitched bookmark. All for $7.

A grand total of $45 - did I do well or not?!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Savers at Mill Park

If you live over this side of town (or even if you don't), you should check this new Savers store out! It is at The Stables Shopping Centre in Childs Road, not far from the intersection of Plenty Road. My hairdresser lives in Mill Park, so when I get my hair cut, I pop into Savers on the way home. Yesterday (Monday) they had a 50% off all clothes sale, and I discovered at the check out that Monday is 20% off everything for seniors! The prices I've given below are the discounted prices.

I am in the process of culling my craft stash, so it was a bit silly of me to buy this cross stitch kit, but I'm a sucker for blue and white china, and for $4 with everything included...

Aprons are another item that I probably don't need to buy, but I was just looking last week at some of the ones I wear, and thinking they were getting a bit raggy, so for $2.40, this joined the basket.

I have just thrown out a pair of cheap slippers, and needed some more. These cost $3.20.

The last dressing gown I bought (at the Brotherhood last year) was wearing a bit thin, and it has been sooooo cold lately, this nice fleecy blue number for $3 will do me well!

Today I had morning tea with some friends who are also opshoppers. They hadn't been to Mill Park Savers, so as it was turning into a nice sunny day, I suggested that we go over there, and they were happy to go along with me. I wasn't going to buy anything; after all, I was there 24 hours ago! Ha. Famous last words.
Two more ties for my collection (I use them for patchwork) $1.99 each.

Don't laugh! Getting old is serious never know what you can learn from books - $3.99.

I noticed these yesterday, but decided I didn't need any more chicken themed dishes. But when I saw them again today, sitting sadly on the shelf, I realised they were waiting for me ;-) $2.99 each.

Another pair of shoes. These are slip-ons, made of elasticised fabric with a hard sole. I've had them before, and they are very comfortable. $5.99

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crush on a clutch

I popped in to the Forest Hill Salvos very quickly on Saturday and picked up this woven coloured straw clutch for $4. I think it's probably from somewhere in Asia originally as I used to have something a bit similar from my aunty in Malaysia when I was little.

I also picked up some information while I was at the Salvos which I posted in reply to Lyndel's post ... but here it is in case you missed it. The Forest Hill Lion's Den op shop is closing, apparently some time in August. The reason? According to the lady at the Salvos, it is because the rent has gone up to $50,000 a year (it was originally $22,000 a year). Such a shame, I loved that op shop because it was so chockablock full of stuff and not too orderly, you never knew what you would find. So if you're in the area soon, drop in to say goodbye.

By the way, I am one of the other bloggers from here who might be in the City Weekly article that Gina mentioned but she was so glamorous that they didn't need any photos of me :)
Can't wait to see the shots, Gina!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall

Hi there peoples!

Look at what I found yesterday....a gilded mirror finally!

Thanks Salvos for your 50% yellow tags this week *happy dance*


P.S. For full post click here.

Savers Greensborough.

Living up to my new reputation as an opshop queen (among others here - ha ha!!) I visited Savers today. Hadn't been there for a while, so I was delighted to find a heap of goodies. Somebody must have brought in the goods and chattels of a deceased estate, because there were more tablecloths than I'd seen for years. Breaking my self imposed restriction on buying cloths, I couldn't resist these among the other bargains.
Aren't these dishes adorable! Well, only if you like chooks. The photo is distorted because of the angle I took it on but there are three soup bowls (99c each), three bread and butter plates (49c each) and for some reason I was only charged $2.99 for the four dinner plates.

Quiche dish for $3.99. We use my old dishes for bird baths in the aviaries, but I'm running out of 'old' dishes, so I pick them up at opshops now.

Paisley cotton fabric for patchwork $3.99

Seersucker tablecloth $6.99. It was folded in a way that suggested it was a round cloth, which I was looking for, but when I got home I discovered it is oblong. Never mind - I like the sunny design, it will be good on the table outside in the summer.

This cloth ($2.99) is an old Semco cloth embroidered with blue Lazy Daisy. Hard to see the pretty stitching from this distance.

This cloth ($4.99)is of interest to me because the tiny embroidered castles in each corner match a set of napkins I bought years ago. Never thought I'd find a cloth to match!

Art deco doiley in perfect condition - 99 cents

Them chooks again! Terry towelling tea towel 99 cents

Photography session for opshop article!

Kathryn from City Weekly phoned me around 2 pm and conducted her interview over the phone. After she'd finished she said the photographer was on his way. I arranged a heap of bric brac on the kitchen table - cup and saucer sets, a couple of teapots, various plates and other household items. In the bedroom I laid out half a dozen jackets and kimono type gowns that I've bought in opshops. I didn't bother with day to day clothes like pants and tops, but I did place several pairs of shoes at the foot of the bed. I figured the photographer would select something and ask me to hang it up somewhere.

He arrived right on 3 pm, dragging a heap of photographic equipment up the stairs. I took him into the kitchen where he glanced at the table, then asked if I bought any clothes at opshops. I said yes, and took him into the bedroom. He pounced on my crazy patchwork gown and said "Perfect - put that on!". So I did, then he got me to drape myself across the other clothes on the bed, in various poses. Then he asked me to get a teapot and cup, and he would photograph me in the gown, pouring a cup of tea. I said "Not in the bedroom!", so we went back into the kitchen to do that. In the meantime, the sun had come out, so he wanted to take some pictures outside, and asked me to select a few pieces from the kitchen table to take outside. He took some photos of various items in interesting spots in the garden, then did more of me still in that gown pouring tea!!

I was almost breathless by the time he left about 3.45; he must have taken about 200 photos. I asked if I could see them one day, and he said to speak to the photo editor after the article is published in the mag, and she might supply me with a proof sheet.
It will be interesting to see the mag when it comes out - Kathryn said she would send me a couple of copies. I don't get into town very often, so it is unlikely that I would be able to obtain a copy otherwise. The photographer said there were 8 magazines published by their company, in different areas of Melbourne, and he thought I would be in a local one. My God, I just hope they don't put me on the front cover, draped across the marital bed in my dressing gown, looking orgasmic over my opshop clothes!!! Ken will have a fit, and I'd never live it down with the locals :-O

Friday, 22 July 2011

Cameo Brooch

I will definitely have some more bits and pieces coming for you all soon, however I just wanted to share with you my newest find. I have been eyeing off some incredible cameo brooches on Ebay and Etsy for a while, however when I found this one in a Healsville oppy for $6, well, I was pretty stoked. Sometimes it definitely pays to wait.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Where are you, Jac?

Hey Jac, I wanted to email you or post a comment on your blog, but can't find you anywhere! So I'm leaving this message here. Just wondering if you have consented to be interviewed by the magazine/paper that wants to do an article about op shoppers? I'm being 'done' tomorrow!

Forest Hill LIONS DEN op shop is CLOSING DOWN

Sadly, after nearly 40 years of trading, first at Blackburn, then in Forest Hill the Lions Club op shop is to close.  Reports in the local paper say they cannot afford the new/higher rent. Many of you will know Mary, the manager there, and I know she will be missed by all.   

I drove past yesterday, there were CLOSING DOWN SALE signs in the windows, and a FOR LEASE sign on the front of the shop.. how sad.

{not sure when they close but if you want to check the shop out, its at  7 Mahoneys Rd Forest Hill ---   and the Salvos are just a few doors up the road too!}

Monday, 18 July 2011

Chalkboard love.

Hi All!

Just wanted to show off a beautiful chalkboard I found in our local opshop. Isn't she lovely?


P.S. Check out my blog for full post.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Doncare Bulleen.

Happened to be over at Balwyn visiting a friend, and on the way home stopped at Macedon Square to do some shopping. Doncare opshop nearby - had to check it out!
Busy little shop, nice staff. I found a cookbook for diabetics (hubby, not me) for $2 and a ball of braid for $3, which took me a good 5 minutes to unwind and rewind around a piece of cardboard. This pic is a bit blurred, the colours are actually quite vivid.
The embroidered centrepiece was from another opshop a few days ago.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Russia House aka Pinewood Vinnies

A few years ago I went to Russia for fashion week but foolishly did not pack a very big suitcase. So despite all the lovely woodwork and crafty stuff that was for sale at the market, I did not buy much. Of course I have regretted it ever since, so I was very pleased to find this little tray and shot glass (?) set at Pinewood Vinnies for $3.

I suppose I should have put a coin or something in the photo so you can tell the size because the glasses look big in the photo but they're really more like egg cup size. I'm not sure if they were made purely for a tourist market or if people actually use these, but I love the gold and the painting on them. If they were for the tourist market this set definitely would have cost more than $3!!


Hello, my name is Alexandra and I decided to join 'I Op therefore I Am' to simply pass the time until I get the motivation to do something myself. I dabble in op shopping most weeks, always on the hunt for the cheap, and the unusual, but only if it's cheap enough.

I went out on a bit of a spree, as so I had something interesting to share in my first entry.

For $1 each I picked up 'Write; a 30 Day Guide to Creative Writing' by Sarah Quigley and 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller, from the DonCare store in Templestowe. Also nabbed a couple of pairs of stockings. Stockings can be quiet expensive, so it's always good to check the op shops stocking-wise, because they're usually still all in their packaging, brand new.

From a couple of Church-run stores in Heathmont, I found an Estee Lauder beauty case, for $5. What sold it to me was the great mirror in it. I also found, for $4.50 a beautiful woolen cardigan, in a great mustard colour. Perfect for the current weather conditions.

Last of all, from the Mustard Tree op shop in Lilydale, I found this Gold Crest mesh purse, only $5. As a collector of metal-mesh, it's a good one for the collection, in amazing condition.

At the Mustard Tree, all Adult clothing is $1 a piece! Managed to pick up a dress.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Today, Salvos and Rotary.

I'm on a roll at the moment! I happened to be cruising down Canterbury Road today, and noticed two opshops across the road from each other - Animal Aid and Rotary. I was able to park my car outside the Rotary shop, so I went there first. It is a small shop, and one hell of a mish mash, but such friendly ladies! I asked if they had any craft fabrics, and they took me out into the back room and proceeded to drag fabrics down from shelves to show me. I selected these five - all quite big pieces. The lady said I could have them for $3 the lot. I said that wasn't enough, and gave them $5. They were very happy, but I still think I got the better deal!

Then I found a little bag full of lace - 50 cents.

Finally I found this vintage card table cloth for $2.

I didn't get to the Animal Aid opshop - ran out of time. I drove on to Diamond Creek where I was meeting a friend, and I suggested to her that we check out the opshops up there, as I hadn't been up there for a while, and she was agreeable.
The Austin opshop was already closed, and when we stopped at the Salvos, we had 15 minutes before they too closed, so we dived in. I found some great stuff!
Japanese fan brooch - $3.

Magazine, ric rac and laces - 50 cents each.

Long stitch Steam Train, framed and in perfect condition - $5. Hubby loves it!

Set of six napkins worked in Chicken Scratch - $3.

Cute dolphin dish - $2.50

I'm a happy gal!

Vinnies in Briar Hill.

Passed Vinnies yesterday on the way home from Greensborough, and having a free afternoon, decided to drop in. They had another stack of craft magazines, so I borrowed a chair and spent the next half hour going through the mags to make sure I wasn't buying any that I'd had before. I usually sit on the concrete floor, but yesterday was sooooo cold, the ladies at the shop insisted on bringing a chair over to the bookshelves! (a side benefit of being a regular customer).
This beautifully embroidered doiley cost $4.

Patchwork mags 50 cents each.

Half metre of quilt batting - 50 cents!

This scarf is absolutely gorgeous - the photo doesn't do it justice. Polyster, made in Korea. $3.