Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Opshopping with Lyndel!

Lyndel and I have been planning to meet up for ages, and we finally got together today. She drove over to Eltham to meet me at our local Brotherhood opshop, and from there I took her to Diamond Creek, as she hadn't been there previously. Lyndel was much more cautious than me when it came to emptying my wallet! We had a really fun day, with two stops for coffee and cake to keep us going.
Here is what I bought today. Instead of photographing everything separately (it would take forever to upload) I've just taken one photo of everything I found at each shop.
At the BSL in Eltham I only bought one item - an apron for $3.50, which is going to a friend who is of Italian descent, and loves aprons as much as me.

Our first stop in Diamond Creek was the Salvos. I scored heaps of goodies here for a total of $20.50! Fabrics - gingham, Batik, iron-on interfacing, batting, bundle of laces, two ties, tatted doiley. And a box of oil paints, a book, and a set of placemats with beautiful Lesley Ivory cat paintings.

Next stop a few doors away was the Austin Hospital opshop. I haven't been here for a while, but made up for it today! Two lots of fabric, two craft magazines, a lovely quilted block, a huge heap of lace and braid, a metal bellpull hanger (thanks Lyndel, whose sharp eyes found this!), and a soup bowl that matches the rooster set I bought at Savers early this week. This was a bonus - that set only had three bowls, so now I've got the four. The whole lot for $15!

Finally we stopped at an 'independent' opshop (not one of the big charities) called Aunty Bee. I found two more pieces of fabric including a lovely tartan, more lace, two scarves (a paisley design, and a souvenir of London), and a cross stitched bookmark. All for $7.

A grand total of $45 - did I do well or not?!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,I don't post here (I should do it one day as I do love op shopping myself) but I check the blog frequently and love to see you and other people's findings. I love Lesley Anne Ivory's place mats as I love her cat paintings. Grat finds!

Scarlett said...

Wow you did really well! The charity shops here have been rubbish so I think you got all the goods stuff over there! Scarlett x

Lyndel said...

you did amazingly well !!! Now I'll have to write about the patternbooks i bought, I'll try to get around to that tonight... great day, great company, and I did buy lots of pattern books!!
We will have to do this again, over my side of town next.

Jac said...

Looks like a very successful day! :)