Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Savers at Mill Park

If you live over this side of town (or even if you don't), you should check this new Savers store out! It is at The Stables Shopping Centre in Childs Road, not far from the intersection of Plenty Road. My hairdresser lives in Mill Park, so when I get my hair cut, I pop into Savers on the way home. Yesterday (Monday) they had a 50% off all clothes sale, and I discovered at the check out that Monday is 20% off everything for seniors! The prices I've given below are the discounted prices.

I am in the process of culling my craft stash, so it was a bit silly of me to buy this cross stitch kit, but I'm a sucker for blue and white china, and for $4 with everything included...

Aprons are another item that I probably don't need to buy, but I was just looking last week at some of the ones I wear, and thinking they were getting a bit raggy, so for $2.40, this joined the basket.

I have just thrown out a pair of cheap slippers, and needed some more. These cost $3.20.

The last dressing gown I bought (at the Brotherhood last year) was wearing a bit thin, and it has been sooooo cold lately, this nice fleecy blue number for $3 will do me well!

Today I had morning tea with some friends who are also opshoppers. They hadn't been to Mill Park Savers, so as it was turning into a nice sunny day, I suggested that we go over there, and they were happy to go along with me. I wasn't going to buy anything; after all, I was there 24 hours ago! Ha. Famous last words.
Two more ties for my collection (I use them for patchwork) $1.99 each.

Don't laugh! Getting old is serious business...you never know what you can learn from books - $3.99.

I noticed these yesterday, but decided I didn't need any more chicken themed dishes. But when I saw them again today, sitting sadly on the shelf, I realised they were waiting for me ;-) $2.99 each.

Another pair of shoes. These are slip-ons, made of elasticised fabric with a hard sole. I've had them before, and they are very comfortable. $5.99


Lyndel said...

Gina !! such shopping bargains. I hope to have a bit of time to myself on Wed. to do a bit of shopping, been a busy few days lately, no ME time.

secondhandrose said...

I go to Savers Mill Park and Greensborough each Sunday for the student discount, always good for a bargain or two.