Saturday, 23 July 2011

Savers Greensborough.

Living up to my new reputation as an opshop queen (among others here - ha ha!!) I visited Savers today. Hadn't been there for a while, so I was delighted to find a heap of goodies. Somebody must have brought in the goods and chattels of a deceased estate, because there were more tablecloths than I'd seen for years. Breaking my self imposed restriction on buying cloths, I couldn't resist these among the other bargains.
Aren't these dishes adorable! Well, only if you like chooks. The photo is distorted because of the angle I took it on but there are three soup bowls (99c each), three bread and butter plates (49c each) and for some reason I was only charged $2.99 for the four dinner plates.

Quiche dish for $3.99. We use my old dishes for bird baths in the aviaries, but I'm running out of 'old' dishes, so I pick them up at opshops now.

Paisley cotton fabric for patchwork $3.99

Seersucker tablecloth $6.99. It was folded in a way that suggested it was a round cloth, which I was looking for, but when I got home I discovered it is oblong. Never mind - I like the sunny design, it will be good on the table outside in the summer.

This cloth ($2.99) is an old Semco cloth embroidered with blue Lazy Daisy. Hard to see the pretty stitching from this distance.

This cloth ($4.99)is of interest to me because the tiny embroidered castles in each corner match a set of napkins I bought years ago. Never thought I'd find a cloth to match!

Art deco doiley in perfect condition - 99 cents

Them chooks again! Terry towelling tea towel 99 cents


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I simply cannot walk past gorgeous old tablecloths and it seems you have the same "problem";)). You find such amazing treasures! xo

ladychiara said...

I can't resist vintage linens and you have some beauties there! The art deco embroidery is fabulous and the Semco tablecloth looks lovely even if I can't see the embroidery.

Lyndel said...

oh wow. the Art Deco embroidery looks fantastic, is it shaped, or is that just the angle of the camera? Itf it is shaped, as I expect, it is a cover for a Tea Cosy, one of the flash ones you tied on with a ribbon just when special visitors were coming.... love it♥

Gina E. said...

Thank you ladies! Lyndel, the doiley is actually that shape, and I did wonder the same thing as you, if it was a tea cosy cover. I've got a couple more like that, but I don't keep them with my other tea cosy covers, as they are specific designs to cover the padded cosy, and the art deco ones wouldn't sit right with the others.

secondhandrose said...

Love the paisley fabric!