Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Hello, my name is Alexandra and I decided to join 'I Op therefore I Am' to simply pass the time until I get the motivation to do something myself. I dabble in op shopping most weeks, always on the hunt for the cheap, and the unusual, but only if it's cheap enough.

I went out on a bit of a spree, as so I had something interesting to share in my first entry.

For $1 each I picked up 'Write; a 30 Day Guide to Creative Writing' by Sarah Quigley and 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller, from the DonCare store in Templestowe. Also nabbed a couple of pairs of stockings. Stockings can be quiet expensive, so it's always good to check the op shops stocking-wise, because they're usually still all in their packaging, brand new.

From a couple of Church-run stores in Heathmont, I found an Estee Lauder beauty case, for $5. What sold it to me was the great mirror in it. I also found, for $4.50 a beautiful woolen cardigan, in a great mustard colour. Perfect for the current weather conditions.

Last of all, from the Mustard Tree op shop in Lilydale, I found this Gold Crest mesh purse, only $5. As a collector of metal-mesh, it's a good one for the collection, in amazing condition.

At the Mustard Tree, all Adult clothing is $1 a piece! Managed to pick up a dress.


EmilyKate said...

Hi Alexandra, welcome! What an awesome haul- I especially like your dress :o)

Jac said...

I agree - wonderful finds! And welcome to the blog! :)

Lyndel said...

welcome to the Op Shop Blog, great to have you on board. Great shopping too ! If you check out my shopping blog you will see every Sunday I link up with lots of other happy Op Shoppers to share our finds, world wide..

Anonymous said...

good haul. the dress looks especially nice on you

atnumber10 said...

Hi Alexandra - I too am a newbie!

Great finds esp the book on writing.

Looking forward to your updates.

♥ B.

Ren said...

Hi Alexandra, I'm newish too... have only posted once, have lots to show you all soon! Mainly toys for toddlers.

Gina E. said...

Great to see so many newbies on this blog! It was quiet for a while, but it sure has livened up.
Great shopping, Alexandra. Looks like you are over the same side of town as Lyndel and me. We should get together one day!