Friday, 8 July 2011

Today, Salvos and Rotary.

I'm on a roll at the moment! I happened to be cruising down Canterbury Road today, and noticed two opshops across the road from each other - Animal Aid and Rotary. I was able to park my car outside the Rotary shop, so I went there first. It is a small shop, and one hell of a mish mash, but such friendly ladies! I asked if they had any craft fabrics, and they took me out into the back room and proceeded to drag fabrics down from shelves to show me. I selected these five - all quite big pieces. The lady said I could have them for $3 the lot. I said that wasn't enough, and gave them $5. They were very happy, but I still think I got the better deal!

Then I found a little bag full of lace - 50 cents.

Finally I found this vintage card table cloth for $2.

I didn't get to the Animal Aid opshop - ran out of time. I drove on to Diamond Creek where I was meeting a friend, and I suggested to her that we check out the opshops up there, as I hadn't been up there for a while, and she was agreeable.
The Austin opshop was already closed, and when we stopped at the Salvos, we had 15 minutes before they too closed, so we dived in. I found some great stuff!
Japanese fan brooch - $3.

Magazine, ric rac and laces - 50 cents each.

Long stitch Steam Train, framed and in perfect condition - $5. Hubby loves it!

Set of six napkins worked in Chicken Scratch - $3.

Cute dolphin dish - $2.50

I'm a happy gal!


Lyndel said...

oh Gina you have been doing toooo much opping, you'll wear yourself out. ha ha.. as if! good finds.

Gunn&Jackson said...

Hi, I'm from Brisbane and visiting Melbourne in the next few weeks. As I love reading your blog (and admittedly don't know my way around Melbourne)would you please be able to let me in on any good clothing op shops in the cbd/close suburbs? It would be greatly appreciated thank you!

Ren said...

I love the tablecloth! Great finds.
Not sure about opshps near the cbd, wish I could recommend

Anonymous said...

talking of Rotary and mish mash...

The Rotary shop in the far northern Sydney suburb of Berowra is as neat as a pin. It is under a shopping centre a few km off the Old Pacific Hwy. It opens for just a few hours a day and on Saturday mornings.

Virtually all items are priced. Prices are not dirt cheap but they're certainly not expensive

It is sunny, very tidy, very clean and organised. Everything is really well sorted and clothing and manchester are in order or tied up with string and labelled.

They have a big range of books and the whole atmosphere in there is friendly. It's only a tiny shop but if you are in the area then it's worth visiting. On Saturday mornings it is staffed mainly by men, an unusual sight in such shops.

secondhandrose said...

For Gunn& Jackson
Smith Street, Collingwood has St Marks Op Shop, Also Fabulous and Salvos. Sydney Road, Brunswick has Savers, Don Bosco Op Shop and Salvos.
The CBD has the Brotherhood of St Laurence basement shop in Royal Arcade. (Think its still there.) Also in Royal Arcade is Hunter Gatherer and the beautiful Anonymous Posh - my favourite vintage store.

Anonymous said...

Gunn&Jackson,I recommend Chapel street windsor (just start from Windsor station towards Prahran) as there are MECWA, Store house, Sacred Heart Mission and Salvos OP shops and also some vintage shops too.

Gunn&Jackson said...

Thanks so much for your suggestions!