Friday, 1 July 2011

Uni Holidays!

Uni Holidays means excessive op shopping! horray!

I'll keep my post to a minimum so here are my three favourites

$3 for a JUMP luggage bag, says made in Vietnam so probably a fake but I dont care! still looks good to me :D found at the church op shop in Watsonia.

also in watsonia a lovely melbourne made Witney Green leather purse :)

near new rainbird japarra for $12 at Hiedelberg heights Vinnies.

my winter blues have definitely subsided this week from my great finds! and the sunshiney weather helps too!


Lyndel said...

oh yes the weather really has made this week perfect for 'OpShopping' and other outdoor activities. good finds, love the floral handbag♥

Gina E. said...

Love that jacket! Watsonia and Heidelberg oppies have some great stuff. I should get over there more often...