Sunday, 31 July 2011

MARYSVILLE Op Shop open again for business !

Yesterday, hubby and I took our new car for a drive.  Neither of us had ever been to Marysville before, and I see so much on the news about how the town is trying to get back to 'normal' after the devastation that was the Bushfires.  It is quite strange to drive out of the hills, all green and lush again, into a little town where every house, every shop is either brand new, or a shipping container/ portable building.  Made my heart ache.

However, we had a lovely lunch at the Bakery and a stroll down the main street, and there it was ..  ..  .. a banner exclaiming OP SHOP OPEN. . .  Took a peek inside and there were dozens of ladies and kids unpacking and setting up a lovely new shop.  It is due to open officially next week, but they tried out the new banner and straight away people were popping in.  I felt a bit intrusive, all these volunteers trying to set up and all us 'customers' looking at stuff.   oh, and they didn't have any money in the till so you had to have correct change if you wanted to shop.
I purchased three lovely tea towels.  a plaint white with red edging IRISH LINEN GLASS CLOTH - they are my favourites for drying dishes. A pretty 1970s flower power linen one, and a very sweet  Homely Measures one, which has lists of how much for example a breakfast cup of Currants, flour, oatmeal or chopped suet weighs.. very handy!!
So if you are travelling to Marysville, the town is functioning again, the shops are open, even their famous Old Lolly Shop is set up in a shipping container, [builders start on their new premises in August], and the locals just love to see tourists.  Lots there on Saturday, travelling thru to the Snow.


EmilyKate said...

Thanks for the heads up on this new opshop! Looks like some great finds there!

secondhandrose said...

Great tea towels! Thanks for the report on Marysville, will have to make a trip up there when I have some free time.

John Richardson said...

We went on saturday, and bargains for all the family, CD for me, jeans for my wife, top for my daughter, and book for my other daughter. Good to support an op shop in a town that still recovering!