Sunday, 3 July 2011

A happy couple from FTG Salvos

Being back at full time work means I haven't had much time to visit op shops, so I was expecting to go into a buying frenzy when I managed to get up to the cluster of op shops around Ferntree Gully station on the weekend.

But all I bought was an embroidery book (which is full of crafty goodness and therefore warrants its own post at some later stage) and this pair of carved wooden dolls which I think are Ainu. They both have rings around their neck which must have been carved out of the same block as their bodies. I love their bold, simple style. Having lived in Japan for nearly a decade you'd think I'd be able to say with certainty whether these are Ainu carvings or not, but I'm not 100% sure. Do you know?

Oh, and by the way, as I walked along Alpine Street, I noticed that there was a shop with a sign in the window saying "op shop opening soon".... GET EXCITED!!


Gina E. said...

Great buys! Looking forward to seeing that embroidery book.
I love Japanese culture,but don't know enough about it to comment on your dolls. I did borrow a library book once which was all about the many Japanese dolls and their meanings; yours would probably be in the book somewhere.

EmilyKate said...

I'm keen to see the embroidery book too! And I love these twi little guys.... I'm no help as to their provenance though!