Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Russia House aka Pinewood Vinnies

A few years ago I went to Russia for fashion week but foolishly did not pack a very big suitcase. So despite all the lovely woodwork and crafty stuff that was for sale at the market, I did not buy much. Of course I have regretted it ever since, so I was very pleased to find this little tray and shot glass (?) set at Pinewood Vinnies for $3.

I suppose I should have put a coin or something in the photo so you can tell the size because the glasses look big in the photo but they're really more like egg cup size. I'm not sure if they were made purely for a tourist market or if people actually use these, but I love the gold and the painting on them. If they were for the tourist market this set definitely would have cost more than $3!!

1 comment:

Ren said...

absolutely beautiful. Great find. I love the painting on the tray. Really, really, really lovely!