Friday, 8 July 2011

Vinnies in Briar Hill.

Passed Vinnies yesterday on the way home from Greensborough, and having a free afternoon, decided to drop in. They had another stack of craft magazines, so I borrowed a chair and spent the next half hour going through the mags to make sure I wasn't buying any that I'd had before. I usually sit on the concrete floor, but yesterday was sooooo cold, the ladies at the shop insisted on bringing a chair over to the bookshelves! (a side benefit of being a regular customer).
This beautifully embroidered doiley cost $4.

Patchwork mags 50 cents each.

Half metre of quilt batting - 50 cents!

This scarf is absolutely gorgeous - the photo doesn't do it justice. Polyster, made in Korea. $3.


Lyndel said...

great finds Gina, love the embroidery. Mags. are great finds, like you I sometimes pick a few up, read/drool and them drop them off at another Op Shop. Postage of them o'seas is about $14 each..ouch!!

Ren said...

Wonderful finds. I'm jealous. I have a few things to post too, but am finding it a bit tricky at the moment... sick toddlers!

TOMNI design & two green pears said...

I popped in to that Salvos a few weeks ago and found some real bargain. I picked up a little jacket and other clothes for HALF PRICE - making them $2 each - turned out someone put wrong tags on a whole lot of clothes and it happened that all the ones I picked up were from the new lot! I was happy as and with the extra money drove down the street to check out the other op shops in the area...