Saturday, 25 August 2012

BSL Eltham.

I haven't been to our opshop for two weeks due to illness in the family, and today when I returned to work, I found the shelves somewhat depleted.  The manager said donations over the past week or so have been few and far between, so they haven't been able to re stock the shelves as quickly as they would normally.  I still managed to find some bits and pieces to take home.
Two DVDs $1 each - one on patchwork and the other a movie that I hadn't seen.  We watched it tonight and enjoyed it - "Fried Green Tomatoes etc".

 Interesting little bowl  $2 (made of soapstone, I'm told) with a lion painted and etched on to the surface.
 I had to buy this little cross stitch; I stitched this design for a friend years ago, and always regretted that I'd not done another one for myself.  Now I've got it!  $2.50
 A large length of brushed cotton fabric with childrens pattern.  Great for backing baby quilts.
 I actually bought this jug at Savers last week for $4.99.  Our 17 year old electric kettle finally died, and I thought I'd check opshops to tide us over before buying a new one.  I'm not going to bother looking for a new one now - this jug is a beauty!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

salvos, chapel st, windsor

on my way to the windor workshop open studios i popped by salvos next door...

found a pair of new looking owl keds in my size for $8 and a cute japanese merry-go-around bowl for $2!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Music to our ears

Who would have thought an ancient stereogram could bring such spirit to an op shop?

Roger was intent on taking this 50 year old stereo to the tip. His wife, Nina, persuaded us to come and collect it.

It has been in the shop for two weeks during which time we fired it up and enjoyed the sounds of Dean Martin, Tijuana Brass, Henri Mancini and other vinyl treats from our $2 record bin. Volunteers and customers alike felt the joy of listening to this lovely old machine. It made the shop buzz with reverie, laughter and a the odd dance around the room.

It's journey continues from the shed to the op shop to a record store where it will be restored and hopefully enjoyed for years to come.

Bon voyage!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

lots of beautiful bargains

 I just had to write this before the day escapes me again..

Yesterday (Tuesday) I called in at the Salvos, Tyabb Road, Mornington.

The first thing I noticed was the sign on the window declaring "All clothes half price" or something like that.  

Once inside it took me about an hour to find my way to the racks of clothes as there was so much more  in store.

The toy shelves are full of good, clean toys and the nearby bookshelves also offer plenty of choice.

 Nearby I saw this fantastic art work -  I didn't check the labels on the disks but I thought it looked amazing.

This shelf unit contains many pretty little ornaments.

I was sorely tempted by this elegant picture frame but thought better of it - I have so many unused frames already.

What I couldn't resist, however, was the selection of doileys and linen.  So much handstitched work amongst these.  They are not cheap - $4.99 - 7.99+ but some very special pieces lurk here.

There is also a basket of old handkerchiefs.  I did bring some of those home.

The craft section doesn't look so exciting but there are tapestry canvases hanging beside the red basket of magazines.  I spent about half an hour just rummaging through the varies baskets and boxes.  Again I think their craft items are a bit higher in price than others but still bargains when compared to buying new retail.

Furniture and bric a brac varies from really modern to some old and collectable pieces.

 At last I found my way to the clothing racks and I was pleased to be able to buy some real bargains to get me through till the summer arrives.  Great quality, clean (yes this is a theme of  mine) and fashionable clothes at half price.

It is well worth a trip to visit this fabulous store.  It is spacious and the staff are happy to assist.

Have a great day everyone.


Monday, 13 August 2012

crafty opshop finds

Hi all on another Monday todays finds are first some thick material I bought from the salvos opshop which I volunteer at and the book came from there too I plan on sewing up some dog coats.
material and book $10 there are four rolls of thick material the little hand bag I bought from the Angliss opshop for $2 enjoy

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Great find at Williamstown Salvos

On Thursday I needed some retail therapy so I headed down to the excellent Salvos on Kororoit Creek Road, where I instantly fell in love with this amazing curtain:

It's about 2m x 2m, rubber-backed barkcloth, probably from about the late 60's or early 70's. When I saw it on the rack I just about fell over myself to grab it, but I couldn't find a price! I spread it out on the floor but still couldn't find the tag.... I was terrified of the 'no tag no sale' result!!! Luckily the very friendly lady at the counter was only to happy to price it for me (after we both had another extensive search for the tag, wherein she confided that she had been eyeing it off herself for quilting!) .... I did hesitate at the $25 she quoted me - but not for long!
I also found this psychedelic teatowel in great condition for $2.99, and a sweet 70's bathmat for only $1.99.

As retail therapy goes, this was way better than a hit of designer knockoff shoes!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Vintage treasures

 At last I have had time to visit the op shops, well one op shop anyway.  It is my usual haunt - Vinnies in Tyabb Road, Mornington.

They had so many beautiful things on the shelves I felt overwhelmed. 

Lots of  vintage linen - the little needlepoint mat is about 12cm long and looks like a tiny carpet.

Next is an afternoon tea cloth, hand stitched and in good condition.

And then I came upon this white cloth featuring a butterfly and another doiley.

The embroidered hand stitched doiley is pretty although not well stitched.

This cross stitch mat is lovely although it is badly stained and needs a good wash.

This saucer is really sweet.
Finally this old Royal Doulton plate.  

I love the fact that they have such high quality items at reasonable prices. 

The staff are always so helpful and cheerful.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

lions for sale (again)

Bill tells me:

"It’s been a long time since our last sale. The cold, wet winter slowed down the number of donations and we had to cancel the last scheduled sale due to lack of merchandise.

But things are now back on track, and his sale next will be HUGE.

Blackburn North Lions Club will hold its next monster trash and treasure sale on Saturday, 1 September 2012.

Time: 8 am to 1 pm

Usual place: 1st Vermont Scout Hall, near the corner of Canterbury Rd and Mitcham Rd, Vermont.

Guaranteed bargains and something for everyone."

No guaranteed lions ...

Monday, 6 August 2012

six dollar challenge

Hello all on this blustery Monday, today when I opshopped I had a budget of six dollars in my purse so this is what my change got me. Cardigan
a short sleeved cardigan from the opshop that I volunteer at for $3 Two animal books I needle felt and create animals these will be great for model pictures. Check out my blog if interested in seeing what I make.
I also got a pair of knitting needles as I'm on a mission to teach myself to knit all up came to $4 at my opshop. I had $2 left so wandered over to the Angliss opshop and bought these two books perfect for knitting and craft projects
These books cost $1.50 so I have 50c left over not bad opshopping for small change Happy Monday