Saturday, 11 August 2012

Vintage treasures

 At last I have had time to visit the op shops, well one op shop anyway.  It is my usual haunt - Vinnies in Tyabb Road, Mornington.

They had so many beautiful things on the shelves I felt overwhelmed. 

Lots of  vintage linen - the little needlepoint mat is about 12cm long and looks like a tiny carpet.

Next is an afternoon tea cloth, hand stitched and in good condition.

And then I came upon this white cloth featuring a butterfly and another doiley.

The embroidered hand stitched doiley is pretty although not well stitched.

This cross stitch mat is lovely although it is badly stained and needs a good wash.

This saucer is really sweet.
Finally this old Royal Doulton plate.  

I love the fact that they have such high quality items at reasonable prices. 

The staff are always so helpful and cheerful.



Corinne said...

I have little teacups that match the last plate! :D

Brilliant finds!

Corinne said...

(May I ask how much your doilies and plates cost?)

Christine Wood said...

Hi Dian,
I am also in Mornington, we should go op shopping together! I try to go at least once a week.


Gina E. said...

Nice loot, Dian! Those linens should come up just fine after a stint in good old Napisan ;-)

Stella said...

That plate! Swoon.

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