Sunday, 12 August 2012

Great find at Williamstown Salvos

On Thursday I needed some retail therapy so I headed down to the excellent Salvos on Kororoit Creek Road, where I instantly fell in love with this amazing curtain:

It's about 2m x 2m, rubber-backed barkcloth, probably from about the late 60's or early 70's. When I saw it on the rack I just about fell over myself to grab it, but I couldn't find a price! I spread it out on the floor but still couldn't find the tag.... I was terrified of the 'no tag no sale' result!!! Luckily the very friendly lady at the counter was only to happy to price it for me (after we both had another extensive search for the tag, wherein she confided that she had been eyeing it off herself for quilting!) .... I did hesitate at the $25 she quoted me - but not for long!
I also found this psychedelic teatowel in great condition for $2.99, and a sweet 70's bathmat for only $1.99.

As retail therapy goes, this was way better than a hit of designer knockoff shoes!


DIAN said...

I always love an interesting tea towel.

Gina E. said...

OOoh, me too, Dian. I was just about to post my own comment here, so here I go: LOVE brightly coloured teatowels that make me think of patchwork quilts!

Stella said...

Block curtains are worth the money. I paid $40 for my lounge curtains on Ebay. I have a big front window. I paid a stupidly cheap price for my bedroom curtains - something like $10. But I once paid $60 at Savers - but they were red velvet. But to get made they will cost hundreds.