Wednesday, 15 August 2012

lots of beautiful bargains

 I just had to write this before the day escapes me again..

Yesterday (Tuesday) I called in at the Salvos, Tyabb Road, Mornington.

The first thing I noticed was the sign on the window declaring "All clothes half price" or something like that.  

Once inside it took me about an hour to find my way to the racks of clothes as there was so much more  in store.

The toy shelves are full of good, clean toys and the nearby bookshelves also offer plenty of choice.

 Nearby I saw this fantastic art work -  I didn't check the labels on the disks but I thought it looked amazing.

This shelf unit contains many pretty little ornaments.

I was sorely tempted by this elegant picture frame but thought better of it - I have so many unused frames already.

What I couldn't resist, however, was the selection of doileys and linen.  So much handstitched work amongst these.  They are not cheap - $4.99 - 7.99+ but some very special pieces lurk here.

There is also a basket of old handkerchiefs.  I did bring some of those home.

The craft section doesn't look so exciting but there are tapestry canvases hanging beside the red basket of magazines.  I spent about half an hour just rummaging through the varies baskets and boxes.  Again I think their craft items are a bit higher in price than others but still bargains when compared to buying new retail.

Furniture and bric a brac varies from really modern to some old and collectable pieces.

 At last I found my way to the clothing racks and I was pleased to be able to buy some real bargains to get me through till the summer arrives.  Great quality, clean (yes this is a theme of  mine) and fashionable clothes at half price.

It is well worth a trip to visit this fabulous store.  It is spacious and the staff are happy to assist.

Have a great day everyone.


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Gina E. said...

WAAAAH!! Dian, I reckon you posted the photo of that basket of cloths just to torture me! Why don't those find their way into the more northern suburbs? Who are these people down at the beach who are destashing their linens??