Monday, 6 August 2012

six dollar challenge

Hello all on this blustery Monday, today when I opshopped I had a budget of six dollars in my purse so this is what my change got me. Cardigan
a short sleeved cardigan from the opshop that I volunteer at for $3 Two animal books I needle felt and create animals these will be great for model pictures. Check out my blog if interested in seeing what I make.
I also got a pair of knitting needles as I'm on a mission to teach myself to knit all up came to $4 at my opshop. I had $2 left so wandered over to the Angliss opshop and bought these two books perfect for knitting and craft projects
These books cost $1.50 so I have 50c left over not bad opshopping for small change Happy Monday

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RobynJ said...

There is nothing quite like a big haul for a few dollars. Well done.