Monday, 1 August 2011

Ringwood Happenings

Before uni today I popped by both the Ringwood Salvos and Vinnies. Both are probably my least favourite op shopping chains, however my boyfriend vol unteers at one, and the other is directly
over the road, so I tend to check them out once a week.
I bought the dress below for $10, which is it the higher end of my budget, however it still had it's tag on, so essentially it's $10 for a brand new dress! It looks like a late 70's/early 80's design, and the brand is Toucan. If anyone knows anything more about this brand, please let me know.

I also found this semiquaver music note brooch for 50c!

I ended up in Templestowe, again, at the Macedon Square DonCare store, where I bought this Sean Penn biography, my very first pair of knitting needles and wool, all for $4.50.


VintageSweetheart said...

So jealous of your cute finds!


Lyndel said...

I do love the DonCare shops (they have a few). good on you for getting wool and needles, now....lets see what you are knitting, please.

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Gorgeous dress! I love it!

Miss Claire said...

Oh my, that dress is soooo pretty! I have trouble spending over $5 on things at op-shops too. But sometimes I have to stop and think "hold on....if I were buying something new, $10 would be a steal! And it would probably be crappy quality!" And so the stingy little Claire on me justifies her purchase once more, haha. Still drolling over the dress! Xx

Anonymous said...

I love opportunity shops and here in Sydney visit as many as I can, some regularly, some just when passing.

I would have to say that apart from knitting wool I have been delighted with my purchases.

The problem is only with yarn of wool or some wool (not synthetic yarns). Some charity shop wool donations have been neglected balls that are moth eaten. I knit into the balls and then find there are many broken lengths inside making them useless.

If possible check the ball for broken ends before you buy

Jac said...

I agree with Claire, LOVE that dress! :)

secondhandrose said...

I love the brooch, very cute!