Saturday, 20 August 2011

more on diamond creek

I received an email about the closure of the Diamond Creek op shop. Here is an edited version:

"Austin Health is in the process of selling the landmark land and buildings, housing the Diamond Creek Austin Health Opportunity Shop, located at 42-44 Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek.

The Op-Shop has been operated by volunteers for over 40 years, and raises approximately $100k per annum for the purchase of medical equipment for the hospital. Volunteers have recently been fundraising to raise the funds required to upgrade the buildings to increase shopper comfort. The buildings are un-insulated, un-heated, and un-air-conditioned making them stifling hot in summer and freezing cold in winter.

While the volunteers have been fundraising, the hospital has been exploring options to sell the property. Fast food restaurants have previously expressed interest in the site. It is believed that Austin Health will receive over a $1 million for the site.

The Op-Shop provides a much need service to the local community, by providing cheap second hand clothing, books, furniture and household items to the people of the Diamond Valley and beyond. Victims of the Black Saturday bushfires are amongst the regular customers. Closure of the Op-Shop will add to the financial burden of those customers who are facing financial difficulty.

A sale is going to be held on September 10, to clear stock.

If you want the Op-Shop to stay open, please email or write to Austin Health and protest the closure and sale of a Diamond Creek icon."


Anonymous said...

There are repercussion to the closureof the opportunity shop.

The emotional impact on all volunteers, Some who have worked there for more than 25 years.

Some of our volunteers are asking whar am I going to do now, to them this is not just volunteering but it is the socialising with staff and customers alike.
They look forward to their time each week.
To others its the actual do somerthing for their fellow man, "Giving back to the Community".
By closing the shop the Hospital has hurt Volunteers Community and I personally beleive they have hurt themselves.

They have shown to me that they are a Business first and foremost.
Money is what conducts them

Anonymous said...

We will be BACK

Yes we will.

It was decided by the Austen that the op shop will be renovated.
We do not know when renovations will start, or when they will be completed.

Just keep watching the shop.

We will all look forward to seeing you all