Sunday, 7 August 2011

Op shopping out of season

As I type this, it's a cool (as in temperature-wise) 14 degrees and grey and drizzly, ie normal for Melbourne at this time of year. So hopefully I'll still get some wear from these winter wonders that I felt strangely compelled to buy last week, when we all thought spring had started because it was over 20 degrees for a few days in a row and the sun was actually shining...

Woollen legging-y pant-things with a jacquard pattern at Vinnies Springvale (I know, they look like old lady pants. Probably because they are! But I will take them in and wear them with heels and hopefully redeem them that way).

Red sweater dress from the Salvos Brandon Park ($6.99 but half price because of it was 50% off orange tagged items). It had massive shoulder pads which I removed toot sweet.

Indigo woollen jumper also from the Salvos BP and also $3.50 after the 50% off. You can see what it looks like (and check out a much earlier op shop find from Japan) in a clearer photo here.

The usual... sewing patterns from the '60s and '70s...$1 each at Vinnies Springvale (getting a bit pricey!!)

The one in the middle is actually a pack of embroidery transfers. Who knows when I will ever get around to doing embroidery, but meanwhile I can enjoy the pattern envelope...

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itsanaddiction said...

Love op shopping out of season, you can get even better bargains :-) And those granny pants have the potential to look really hot when altered and worn with wedges or heels... you should post a pic of the final result!!!