Saturday, 13 August 2011

Vinnies, Briar Hill.

I can never pass Vinnies in Briar Hill without dropping in, they are such a great shop.
Patchwork and craft mags for 50c each, and a lovely bag to carry them in - free!!

Canvas boards, $3 each. They possibly weren't such a bargain, as I'm sure they only cost a few dollars at the Reject shops...

Art deco doiley $3.

Another beautiful doiley $2.50. These were both in a glass case, as part of a display of glassware. Sometimes the opshops don't like to sell them as the doilies enhance the other items, but the Vinnies lady was happy to sell me both.

This photo is of some of the unframed cross stitch and embroidered items I've collected at opshops. I am in the process of sewing a black border around each one, and then I'll incorporate them into a quilt. I can't make up my mind what kind of fabric to use as the background - plain or patterned? In this picture they are lying on the carpet. I don't want the background fabric to detract from the individual pieces, but a plain colour might be too simple. Any ideas?


Lyndel said...

Oh I love the doiley with the feather fans! For the Patchwork how about something like you had around the Iris piece, single colour but with a 'blotchy' effect, certainly NOT a busy pattern.

Bejewelled Dresser said...

Great finds! I love the colour of those buttons - so unique and vibrant!

Anonymous said...

Definitely NOT a busy pattern but maybe a black and white striped cotton fabric or other colour stripe/s to reflect the main colours in the embroidery. A good weight nothing too flimsy. Good luck and please show us the end result.

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Love the doilies and what a great idea to incorporate those cross-stitches into a blanket! Love it! Rach x