Friday, 12 August 2011

Two local opshops in two days.

On Wednesday I had lunch with friends in Hurstbridge, and after we left the cafe, two of us decided to visit the only opshop in town. I'm sure there used to be more than one, but I can't find any others. This one is one of the fascinating 'mish mash' oppies where you can spend hours rummaging. I found three little items to bring home.
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Ken said "not another coffee mug!" but as I explained, two of our favourites have cracks and chips in them, so this will be a good replacement (all of 50 cents).

I wondered if this tie had been worn by an accountant? For 50 cents it was worth buying - I can see it as part of an interesting quilt block.

Speaking of quilt blocks, I've heard of this book, and now I have it - $1.

Yesterday was my weekly shopping day with my friend Glenda, and as always, we ended up at The Brotherhood shop before sitting down to relax with a coffee.
I found five things to bring home.
A woven Oriental design wall hanging for $1. This side is day time.

The reverse appears to be night time.

A pair of tiny glass elephants on a mirror base and background - $2.

Good length of gingham cotton fabric - $4.

Tiny little petit point pincushion - 50 cents

Beautifully stitched doiley - $1.

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VintageSweetheart said...

That tie is interesting and I love the little pin cushion!