Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thrifting in the Hills

Hello All!  I am a new contributer to this site and come over from Squiggly Rainbow.  I have become a part-time thrifter and op-shop goer - most of my purchases furnish our home, clothe us sometimes and keep my stocks full at The Vintage Shed where I have a stall.

Enough about where I am from.... here is a sneak peak of my travels treasure hunting yesterday.  I will upload some pics of the finds when I photograph them!  This is the Emerald Uniting Church Op-Shop - it is located on Emerald-Monbulk Road and open 6 days a week!  They will even offer you a cuppa!  I found a gorgeous Vintage Evening dress, a Vintage gardening book and a gorgeous pinny.

Next was a quick dash to the Cockatoo op-shop; also known as the Nell Mitchell Op-Shop, which is located in the Main Street opposite the strip shops.  I picked up a new looking Graeme Base book for my kidlets - it was quite a disappointing venture... hardly anything in the store other than books and clothes.

Lovely to 'meet' you all!  Until next time - enjoy your thrifting adventures!  Glad to be a contributor here!

Rach x


Gina E. said...

Welcome to the Opshop Mob, Rach!
Look forward to seeing what you find in your local oppies. That is a good idea to photograph the shop front; I keep thinking I'll do it, but then I forget to take my camera. It would make it easier for people to find opshops when they are in an area new to them.

Anonymous said...

OMG I love squiggly rainbow!

Lyndel said...

Welcome to our Blog, look forward to seeing your treasures.