Saturday, 22 October 2011

Where is everyone???

A friend told me yesterday that she thought this was MY blog. I assured her that is not the case - I didn't initiate it, and it is open to anyone to post their opshop stories and photos. But when I came on here tonight and noticed I'm the only one who's posted anything since October wonder she thought it was just me! C'mon you guys - I can't be the only person opshopping in Melbourne! I've seen other blogs where people post about their opshop finds, but it is much better if it is on here where we can all read about them!
In the meantime, I brought these bits and pieces home from the Eltham BSL on Friday:
Stretch cotton Miller slacks in dusty pink (not white like this photo)$4.50.

Two lots of printed Xmas stocking fabric to make up into quilted Xmas stockings $12 for both. These have been lying around our shop for months, so I finally decided to bring them home and make them up for charity groups.

Length of brown fabric which will be useful for a future patchwork project, $3.

Dark blue leather shoes $4 - a perfect fit! A rare find for me:-)


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I've noticed there hasn't been much action on here lately. Sadly I'm not from Melbourne so I can't contribute! I love those xmas stockings.

Jac said...

Hi Gina!
Sorry I haven't posted in ages, I hardly get a chance to go op shopping anymore thanks to full time work :( I do sometimes pop into Savers on the odd Sunday so I will try to take a pic next time I pop by :)
Hope you're well :)

Gina E. said...

Gosh Em, don't let that worry you. If nobody in Melbourne has anything to post here, why shouldn't you? Perth isn't so far away. Well, it is in Australia, LOL
Thanks for responding Jac - I am well thank you!

Anonymous said...

The Op Shops of old are an endangered entity and are fast disappearing. I liken this fact to the big companies destroying the Amazon and leaving its inhabitants without. The big four Op Shop players are big business and increased prices are passed on to us to absorb but what's the fun in paying high prices for someone elses junk and cast offs. So then we are not interested in op shopping as much and do not post on this blog - like the Amazon rain forest the real thing is lost forever. And what's left is not as alluring. I very very rarely go into a Big Four Op Shop now - it depresses me. Even my hubbie comments that he is sad when he accompanies me and no longer sees the big smile from a terrifically priced score.

Mim said...

Wow - I did not realise that anyone could make a post on this website.. thought it was invitation only ;-) I have been checking out this website on a regular basis over the past year or so and think that I even met you on Friday morning at the Eltham Op Shop.. I was the one who bought the upside down bride and groom for my sister-in-law's Recovery BBQ cake!!

Ren said...

Hi Gina

I've posted once, which is no good at all! However i do intend to post more. Bit tricky at the moment with two little ones and lots of community stuff going on in my life. Once things settle down, I'll be posting again for sure. I very much enjoy and appreciate your posts, so please don't feel too lonely!

Ren said...

I think that Anon's post is spot on. I still frequent my local op shop and give them the stuff I don't use anymore, but having been an op-shopper for over 20 years, I've noticed the price hike very much! And it's not good. The end result is that I actually spend less. Much less.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ren for validating my feelings on this topic. And you are spot on too. I spend less much less like you. And I seek out other more charitable causes to give my stuff to and it is good stuff oftentimes brand name in okay condition not junk. I refuse to give it to the big stores or any smaller op shops that are getting greedy. As a fallout of this maddness, I have started to give most of my things away on freecycle and have received a few things as well. And it's all free and you get to meet really nice people. Sometimes you are invited in for a coffee and a chat.