Monday, 1 June 2009

Northcote High St

I had a day off from preparing for next Saturday's Yarraville Market so I took Little Jack for a stroll to two op shops on opposite ends of High St in Northcote.

We started at the south end at Brotherhood of St Laurence, 12a High St. Little Jack sat with the op shop lady and pulled faces, and I picked up a long sleeved top for $4 and a worn-in pair of shoes for Jack, also for $4.

Then we headed north to Mental Illness Fellowship at 454 High St. As well as a pair of Target trousers for Little Jack ($2) I found the following treasures:


They had half a rack of new hand-knitted baby jumpers for $6 a piece! This one won't fit Little Jack until next winter (or the winter after) but for $6 I'm happy for it to take up space for that long.


The rug is crocheted, I suppose. Can any crochet fans confirm this? I saw a similar one at a CWA-style stall at Northcote Plaza a month or so ago for $50 and almost bought it, so when I saw this one for only $8 I snapped it up!

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Gina E. said...

Ha ha, this is such a cute post! Next time, why don't you include Little Jack in one of your photos? He sounds adorable!

Beach Vintage said...

Loving that crochet rug. What a bargain.

Meredith said...

Bargain! Gotta love a bargain :)

Glasgow Lindsay said...

Lovely Sweater and Blanket. I think the blanket might be loomed flowers sewn/crocheted together but I can't be 100% sure! :-)

kirsty said...

Yes it's crocheted. Here's the one my mum made for me when I was a babe and has passed to me for mine. I think it may have been in a WW supplement in 1971/72.

Chelzigirl said...

Looks crocheted - what a bargain! An absolute heirloom to treasure :)

Anonymous said...

The shawl is crochet and i believe the daisies are made one at a time and then sewn together. I had one as a bub which was passed onto me in 1970. I loved this shawl so much that my mum was able to purchase one for me for my eldest son when he was a babe in arms. That was 1997 and set her back $90. You sure got a bargain.