Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Went in for bowls, came out with plates

One of my favourite things about op shops is that you never know what you're going to find. It's like a lucky dip. I went into the NCJWA op shop on Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield Nth (near the corner of Glen Eira Rd) just on a whim, as I was driving by.

What I've been searching for is a set of funky retro bowls. Do you know how difficult it is to find a full set of interesting or retro bowls?! Very.

I did find one beautiful, very old fashioned creamy white bowl, made in Germany so of course I scooped it up. I figure I'll get a full set of bowls eventually, all completely non-matching!

I did find this set of gorgeous little plates though. Even though I don't need them, I couldn't resist. The gold edging is still completely intact, they're made in Germany and the colouring and pattern is quite different. The flatmates and I have been busy using them for eating treats like custard tarts, brownies lathered in cream and upside down pineapple cake. The plates are so nice that they make everything taste more delicious!

I'm not actually sure how old they are, although I'm telling myself they're old and therefore very valuable. :) But who knows, they could have been made in 1988! If anyone has any suggestions on how to find out, let me know!


Vicky said...

Just found your Blog and by the way,.... I love it!!!!
Will update as soon as I'm allowed to shop again!LOL or as soon as I can drag the kiddies down to our local Op Shops
Love the plates, excellent find!
any marks on the back??

FreshElan said...

Hm, there's not much on the back. The logo does look pretty new actually. The brand appears to be Thomas. I assume the 'Germany' means they're made in Germany. And then there is a little logo with a shield shape (as in, a shield that you might see on a coat of arms) with an R in the middle. The more I examine the plates though, the more I think they are fairly modern. The print of the logo and the pattern on the front are just a little too clear and sharp to have been printed a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, the collectable ones are the ones that say W Germany or West Germany, I think - before the wall came down. So I think they're recent but I'm no expert. I do like the old retro W German stuff though! Jan