Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New to Melbourne!

Hi guys! Long time op shopper, first time poster. I've just moved to Melbourne (from Sydney) and have been having a great time hitting the local op shops with my other half.
Last weekend we went to our local Vinnie's (I think it's Laverton, my geography is not so great yet!), where I found a really nice black dress for $7. Not a great picture, but it has a cowl neck, gored skirt and an under-bust belt/tie thingy.

Now, unfortunately I have no clue of the suburb of the ones we went to next. There was a Vinnie's (which we found out is now open on Sundays - hooray!) where I scored a date loaf tin ($4) and a floral pillowslip (50c). I collect pillowslips with older floral patterns - not necessarily 'vintage' - with the vague intention of someday making a patchwork quilt out of them.

Around the corner from here was another op shop, one of the most organised I have ever seen! Other Half found himself a very retro velour dressing gown (pictured below) and I found some plastic curtain rings, perfect for this little project I'd had in mind.

Then we went to Spotswood, and again I have to apologise because I can't remember the names of these shops! We found these great vintage sheets in the first one ($8, 2 double flat sheets in great condition) and in the second I found these delightful retro costume patterns which I think have never even been out of the packet, and a skinny pants pattern (I think these were $1 each - I really should write this stuff down!) Other Half loved this little book of nail & thread art ($4)so we had to have that too.

I'm going to go earn some discount points at Savers this week so will have some more to blog on soon!


Tash said...

So pleased to see some reviews from the west :)

Silvia said...

Welcome to Melbourne - hope you find lots more Op Shops to blog about.

Gina E. said...

Welcome to Melb from me too. We don't get a lot of input from your side of town as Tash said, so keep up the good work and post your finds here!

Ren said...

Yes, welcome to Melbourne. I live in the western suburbs too, and love op-shopping but don't often have the time to post, so I comment instead! You did very well on your first op-shopping adventure in Melb. Look forward to reading more about your finds.

Tash... I had a look at your blog. Looks like it will be an interesting read. Hope you manage to keep it up.

Tash said...

Thanks Ren :) I'm both excited and a bit nervous, ready for the challenge, hopefully have some stories worth sharing. Still so much to learn in the world of blogging!!

tom cooper said...

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