Friday, 29 June 2012

BSL Eltham today.

The shop was fairly quiet today, probably because of the cold wet weather. We only had a few donation drops, and our customers were mostly our Friday regulars, who I am getting to know on a first name basis - great fun! I wrote myself a reminder last night, to look for a cork board in the shop when I got there this morning. I looked, and I found one - exactly the right size, and for just $1! I want to make something that I saw on a craft blog this week: covering it with fabric, putting long pins into it, and hanging jewellery (pendants, bracelets, etc) from the pins.

(I bought these two pendants this morning - $2 each)

The girl whose idea it was explained that she had a lot of jewellery but didn't wear it much because it was in boxes and drawers, and she never had time to look for what she wanted to match an outfit. So she made up this corkboard to hang her favourite items where she can see them straight away without hunting for them. I can relate to that! LOL, sorry about the are my other goodies.

 A set of Aboriginal art design napkins.  I've got two tablecloths and an apron with Aboriginal art on them, so these will go perfectly.  $6.
 Bought this little book for Ken, as he is always asking me to send cards to his family and friends, but expects me to know the dates, which I don't!  So he can write them all in his own book now.  50c cents.
Beautiful Jim Thompson design Thai silk scarf, $2.

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Anonymous said...

The corkboard for jewellery idea is great, I'm going to do that.