Saturday, 15 December 2012

Brotherhood opshop Eltham update

Just because I haven't been posting anything here lately, it doesn't mean I haven't bought anything in that time! I just haven't got around to taking photos of my little bargains, and there hasn't been much of interest except to me. But I thought I would tell you what I picked up at our little shop today. A length of patchwork fabric which will come in handy with last minute hand made Xmas gifts. $3.50
Pretty little embroidered cloth, $5.
Ten Xmas cards, 10c each. I thought I had enough at home, but found I was short on cards when I was writing out the last of mine, so these came from our box of cards at the op shop. We get a lot of unused greeting cards, and they are popular with our regular shoppers.
Unusual silver bangle with elephant design. $3.
Book on crafting with felt. 70 cents.
Craft magazines, 10 cents each.


RobynJ said...

I like bracelets and that's a beauty. Well done.

DIAN said...

Good finds. Love the bracelet.

I have been opping too. Must take some pics.

Anonymous said...

Great bangle!