Thursday, 17 July 2008

{a road trip}

Sort of.......................well as much of a road as you can have with a three year old in tow!!!

It all started with the lovely Miss Eagle, I actually blame her entirely, you see her gorgeous ramblings about this op-shop forced me into action. So two Saturdays ago I loaded the oldest child (you may remember him as the child who will sit in the corner and play with toys whilst I shop) into the car and we took the long journey from Boronia to Upper Fern Tree Gully (UFTG) via Fern Tree Gully (FTG).

First stop was the Vinnies shop in FTG, you may recall that this was the place where I scored the lovely Mr Imperial for a friend. But before Mr Imperial there was these lovelies:
Be still my beating heart these Dri Glo sheets are to DIE for, they where BRAND new, never been opended before. Most likely a wedding gift from long ago shoved into the back of the linen press only to be dug out and sent out into op shop world.
When I got home and opended them (had to break open the packet) I found TWO double size flat sheets and two pillow cases, all starchy and fresh and I do mean STARCHY!!!!!!

Then there was this lovely LACE, two cards one almost full and unused!!! They are both "Liberty Fabrics of New York Inc" and the stamp on the cream lace one reads "Nov 27 1979", 6 whole yards of such loveliness!!!!

So sheets + lace + Bob the Builder torch (not shown as boy child likes to sleep with it) = $8.50.....yes thats right, the princely sum of $8.50!!!!!

Next stop was the PWP Op Shop in FTG - but story will come in PART TWO - stay tuned folks!!!!

Jodi xx

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Unknown said...

Jodie, you have my fullest attention. I await Part 2 with bated breath.

Blessings and bliss