Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Discovery shopping and art up front in Upper Ferntree Gully

The PWP Op Shop, 7 Rose Street, Upper Ferntree Gully

What is it that provides us with a satisfying Op Shop experience? Well, I can tell you what turns me off. You know how some Op Shops these days have been given over to professionalism and paid staff. Not all but many of these provide a sterile experience and while I might wander into this type of shop from time to time, I rarely buy anything. I am, at my shopping best, a discovery shopper. And my guess is that the readers and writers of this blog are discovery shoppers too.

The phrase "discovery shopper" was coined by trend consultant Faith Popcorn about a decade ago. The discovery shopper is an explorer. Prepared to discover new territory. The discovery shopper will take time - not just wander into the major chain in the shopping mall and busily take something off the hanger and march to the check-out. The discovery shopper is quite happy NOT following the latest trend or the majority of other consumers. The discovery shopper will favour the unique, the different. The discovery shopper is a person who favours original style. And the discovery shopper does NOT want a marketing concept laid out just to take up an item and walk off with whatever the store buyer has decided is the thing to have this season.

And so it is with Op Shops. This is why I believe my local, favouritest Op Shop deserves full marks - in fact, 11 out 10.

Take a look at its shop front at the top of this post. And below is the eye-catching artwork of the dressing room:

For more pictures, please pop over here.

And then there are the bargains. Herself (I live with my adult daughter) came home with these the other day. We love good quality botanical prints and paintings. These fitted the bill and at $5 each - a total of $20 - fitted the purse as well. Be-yoot-ee-ful!


Myst_72 said...


I went today actually - two pairs of pants, nothing outrageously good about the brands but for $2.00 per pair...and a pair of nice Miss Shop boots for $2.00 as well.

You've got to do a trip to Tassie and check out our ops! Especially Launceston!


Unknown said...

Do you mean you went to my Op Shop to-day or do you mean you just went op shopping to-day?

Either way, if ever you are in Melbourne send me an email. We can do the op shops in the Hills and Foot Hills. I have another fave in the outer east which I will blog about one day - but it is over the other side of the mountain. BTW, I went to your blog and followed your personality test. You can see my results at The Trad Pad at

Blessings and bliss

Myst_72 said...


I went to to mine yesterday,
I only had 30 mins......

I will be coming over in July, not sure how much shopping I'll get done though - which just doesn't sound right does it?


Chocolate Cobwebs said...

What beautiful prints! An amazing find at such a great price.

Unknown said...

Now, Myst - you must be disciplined about this and get your head in the right place. Just say this mantra:

"I must op shop in Melbourne in July...I must op shop in Melbourne in July...I must"

...and Chocolate Cobwebs I love that crime site. Herself and I love our bit of crime - nicely sanitized of course.

Blessings and bliss

Jayne said...

That post sums up exactly how I feel about the "professional" op shops and chain stores!
Thanks for the heads up on your favourite store, I pass through UFTG on the way to Belgrave so I'll stop off next time and have a hunt ;)

Unknown said...

And, Jayne, next time you stop off - email me and we might do some coffee while your in the neighbourhood?

Blessings and bliss

Gina E. said...

Ah Miss Eagle, you have been busy here while I've been away - LOL! You didn't mention the table cloth that got away (sob).