Thursday, 12 June 2008

south east sweep

I have done a bit of a sweep across the south east these last few days, visiting a few shops along the way. Some I have never been to before, a few others are old favourites.

My first stop was the Amaroo Neighbourhood House Op Shop at Amaroo Drive, Mount Waverley. This shop is hidden down a quiet neighbourhood street and did not look promising from the outside. I was so glad I did as its a fantastic shop, staffed by really friendly volunteers.

Its quite a big shop, with heaps of stock. Like all good op shops, its not too tidy, so there's always the opportunity for a good rummage around. They have lots of interesting linen and another highlight was the shelves of old fashioned champagne bowls filled with buttons, pre sorted by colour.
Next stop was the Oakleigh Centre Op Shop in Huntingdale Road, Huntingdale. This is one I visit fairly regularly and from which I never seem to come away empty handed . Again, this is a good shop for buttons and at 5c each, they are dirt cheap. Here's some of my favourites from my last visit. I also bought the pre printed softie panel shown at the top for 50c.

From there I ventured to Hughesdale outlet of the Oakleigh Centre Op Shop. This is another of my favourites in that its a shop over many rooms. I do like a multi roomed op shop! No purchases from there this time, but its often a good shop to pick up a book or wrapping paper.

Further down Poath Road is another shop, the name of which I don't know. Its on the corner of Kangaroo Road. Only a tiny little shop, its also good for a bit of a rummage (you've probably figured out that this is a euphemism for messy).

On another day I headed in the opposite direction with my first stop being St Augustines Op Shop at 46 Bay Road Sandringham. This shop always seems to have a good supply of doilies and on this occasion I picked up a few more, including one large one embroidered with ballerinas. I also collected a pair of knitting needles as to replace the one I sat on whilst watching the SATC marathon over the weekend. At $1.50 they were less than a third of the price of a new pair.

From there I headed to the Family Life shop at 355 Bluff Road in Hampton. This shop has a great haberdashery selection behind the counter, including tiny little drawers that stock a good selection of buttons, zips, etc. It has a good range of clothes, including some expensive labels, which I imagine is a result of its Hampton location.

Last stop was the Keysborough Animal Shelter Op Shop on Station Street, Moorabbin. The Golden Hands book shown at the top was bought from here, much to the amusement of the elderly lady behind the counter. "What do you want that daggy old book for ?" she asked me.

I was lucky enough to find the entire set of Golden Hands at the Salvos in Oakleigh a few months back, so have no need for this single hardcover one. I'd be happy to send it to anyone who would like it. Please either leave a comment here or over at my Sheeps Clothing blog.


Gina E. said...

I can see I'm going to have to take a day off work, arm myself with an atlas and a cut lunch, and head south!! I know all the northern opshops' stock and I'm bored!

twiggypeasticks said...

Greetings, from West Yorkshire, HELLOOOOOOO! thanks for commenting on my blog. Is an op shop what we call a charity shop in the UK? if so I love the buried treasure you can find. Those buttons are fabtastic
Twiggy x