Saturday, 14 June 2008

seattle challenge - week 1

I will always be a Melbourne op shopper, I promise. My husband's work has brought me to Seattle but as I have reassured people, that will stop neither the blog nor the blogging!

We brought six big suitcases to the US between us and I am sure that there are enough Melbourne op shop purchases in there for me to post weekly. So that's the Seattle challenge. Fifty-two weeks, 52 posts (ok, maybe Melbourne and surrounds - better change the rules now rather than later).

So to begin - here is a purchase that I know some people would be uncomfortable with but these shoes were hardly worn when I bought them. I don't know whether they were smelly, I didn't actively check but I've been wearing them for months and they're not smelly now!

Sacred Heart Mission, East St Kilda, $15.00

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Heather said...

Oddly enough, I started reading your blog when it was likely that my fiance's work would relocate him to Melbourne and I live in Seattle! Understanding that you have your 52 week challenge but if you need the low-down on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Seattle (area) thrift, I'd stir you in the right direction. I know what its like to be an expat!