Monday, 30 June 2008

Salvation Army Opshops

I generally find the good old Salvos to be among the tidiest and cleanest of all the opshops, and Salvation Army 916 Doncaster Rd Doncaster East is no exception. I popped in there today to see if they had any linens. They didn't, but look what I found!

There was a huge selection of ties to choose from (they make great quilts and tote bags among other things), but I restrained myself and settled for these at $2 each.
I used to do a lot of sketching when I was at school and decided to take it up again. This was a great find for $5!
Jumped for joy when I found this! I had the plate and cup but not the saucer -until today. Would you believe $6??

I said there were no linens to be found but these two beautifully stitched vintage handkies will be a nice addition to my collection. 50c each.


Jayne said...

Very nice finds!
And well done on finding the saucer to complete your set!

Miss Eagle said...

Gina, you are doozy! It is now a proven fact that you don't find crinoline ladies - THEY FIND YOU! Wonderful finds - and, of course, you could NOT walk out the door without any embroidered linen, could you.

Blessings and bliss

Anonymous said...

I live 5 minutes from the Doncaster store and often find great bargains there.

I also love the Salvo's on Springvale road and the one on Whitehorse road at Balwyn is a veritable treasure trove of goodies.

I love old ties too, you did well there.