Sunday, 1 June 2008

Golden Hands found

I had a hugely successful op-shopping morning on Thursday! I started off with the three op shops in the Bell Street Mall, in Heidelberg. It is such a dodgy mall but the op shops there seem to come up with the goods! The hardest bit is being there when they are actually open - the hospital one and the church one tend to only be open for about three hours in the middle of the day.
I managed to find: a vintage sheet to add to the fat quarters I’m sending off to the vintage sheet patchwork swap; some buttons; vintage hand-embroidered linens that will become part of clothing or a bag; a pillowcase that will become yet another pillowcase dress; extremely old knitting/crochet books; and a girls dress pattern that I’m sure I remember from my childhood. But the most exciting find of the day was this:

A complete set of Golden Hands sewing & embroidery magazines! Oh joy oh rapture. They are from the early seventies - Mum had a set when I was a child, and it went off to an op shop somewhere about ten years ago after I reassured Mum that “no, I won’t want these”. Well, fast-forward ten years and yes, I do want these! I had a look through a set at Brown Owls last week and realised what a fantastic resource they are. I was absurdly excited to find them for the grand total of $12. I really hope Andi that I haven't gazumped you and they weren't the ones that you were after! Now to keep an eye out for the Golden Hands crafts set (the ones in the white folders).
I also picked up a pair of Barbie roller-skates for my 5 year old daughter at the St Andrew's Op Shop in Fairfield. The other two Station Street oppies didn't come up with anything, but I reckon that I had a very successful morning!


superminx said...
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superminx said...
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Anonymous said...
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Stacey said...

That is such a great find.
I was lucky enough to find the whole set at the Salvos in Oakleigh a few months back.
I love looking through them and its amazing the amount of useful tips they contain.

Gina E. said...

I had to chuckle over this post! I bought that Golden Hands set when they first came out in weekly parts, and had great ambitions of doing lots of the projects...30 years down the track they've never been used (but often looked at) and are all in a box ready to go to an opshop!!!

Jeanette said...

Just popped over from Gina's,You had a nice find there,gees I know the heidelberg Mall it sure is avery dodgy area, I started to collect them years ago but never collected the full set now there packed away in a box somewere.Im x melbourne now living Yarrawonga.