Friday, 18 July 2008

Books at Boronia in the foothills of The Dandenongs

If Jodie is to be believed it looks like we Foothills gals are on a roll.

I can't wait for the next exciting episode. So, to keep you all interested,

this is a report of Herself's (my daughter's) latest trip to the Salvo Store in Boronia. I really have come to the conclusion that we don't find things - they find us.
You see, Herself is a gal who does judge a book by its cover - as well as its contents.

She loves old books -
she doesn't read much outside the Victorian and Edwardian periods of literature.

And I do try, I really do,
to keep an eye out for stuff that I think she will like but I rarely find anything.
But does she!
And it's not the first time she has found the books she likes at the Salvo Store in Boronia.
To see what she does with the books once they are home at The Trad Pad
then pop over here.

BTW, Herself paid $3.75 a pop for the books.

Map above - Salvos Store, 274 Dorset Road,Boronia Vic 3155


Amelia said...

villette - my favourite book! and what a lovely edition. well done!

Jayne said...

I am seriously going to have to get a bus up there soon!
Great finds, congrats to Herself :)

Pear tree cottage! said...

Miss eagle!.............wonderful! and I too would first take them off the shelves because of the beauty of the outside!! well done to herself "lol lol"