Saturday, 4 July 2009

Barwon Heads

I popped into the Barwon Heads church op shop today as I was taking youngest son to the Tonik (surf shop) sale.
I hadn't been in before but there was a massive amount of stuff crammed into a small space. The op shop is in the hall behind the church (can't remember which denomination but they have a sandwich board out the front when open). There are three churches in the main street, it is the one closest to the shops.There are more overflow clothes out the back further in a garage/shed.
I didn't have much time so had a quick glance through. I always chech out the stitching and scarves sections. Found the packet of tracing paper (4 sheets still left) and the carbon paper (all there) for 50c each.
Picked up two nice colours in chiffon scarves for textile layering, 50c and $1.

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Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Hooray for bargains! I've just discovered your blog & can't wait to trawl through it as I love, love, LOVE op-shopping! :D