Thursday, 9 July 2009

St Vinnies Hoppers Crossing

HI! It's my first time here... I'm from the west... and go to Hoppers Crossing St Vinnies and Salvos often (okay.. weekly!).

Just came back from the St Vinnies in Hoppers Crossing. There's an old-style rattan bentwood-style rocking chair for "only" $75. It's not old... but it won't last there long!!

Much like this one:

And three graduating old-style copper tins for sugar, flour and rice... each $8.

I had to walk away.

There's also a gorgeous Victorian style tapestry in Salvos Hoppers Crossing... I want it, but also had to walk away. I think it was $35.

GO grab!!


Kat said...


The Musical Kitten

Cara said...

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Anonymous said...

I volunteer ere!! its an amazing place for bargains!! and we get some awesome stuffin!!