Wednesday, 29 July 2009


It has been sometime since I have posted....still shopping just forgetting to come back and report :)
I have written about this place once before and I was in there again on Saturday!
Vintage Single Bed sheets - excellent condition.....pillowcase is a little faded, but I do LOVE this pattern - I have big plans for this gorgeous fabric!

$3 or so for this lot.........
PS - They have a really cute Brownie Uniform in there at the moment, complete in everyway and only $10, if anyone is looking for a Brownie Uniform for a special little girl in thier life.....I was tempted to buy it for Miss-almost-two, but could imagine the look I would've got should I brought it home.........

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EmilyKate said...

Oooooh, preeetty! :o)